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About Us – The Society

The Northern English Setter Society (NESS) was founded in 1967 to promote interest in breeding and exhibiting of pure bred English Setters in the Northern Counties of England. NESS hold annual dog shows for English Setters in accordance with Kennel Club regulations and standards.

NESS were the first English Setter society to be formed independent of the English Setter Association (ESA) and at it was agreed to avoid any conflict and to work along with ESA for the benefit of both societies and promotion of the English Setter breed.

In the first few years NESS just held Limited and Open Shows which proved to be very successful with the membership and entries continuing to increase. In 1970 the society were granted Championship status by the Kennel Club and NESS has continued to go from strength to strength to this day.

Over the years NESS has continued to work closely with all the English Setter breed clubs to promote the best interest of the breed and is actively involved in the English Setter Joint Judges Committee (responsible for breed judging lists and judges education)  and the English Setter Health Committee.

The NESS committee continues to organise friendly and enjoyable breed shows for English Setter exhibitors and spectators from across the country and abroad. Everyone, whether experienced or a newcomer to the breed will always get a warm welcome at NESS events.

Below is the original News Letter from 1967

About Us