Northern English Setter Society Open Show

3rd May 2015

Thank you for inviting me to judge the NESS Open Show, it has always been a favourite show of mine and I consider it an honour and privilege to have the opportunity to go over such lovely dogs.   A good entry on paper which was, unfortunately,  marred by the large number of absentees.   The weather conditions were atrocious though and a big thank you to everyone who braved the elements to come, it was much appreciated.    The entry on the day was full of quality and  I was very happy with both my line ups.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,1A)
1.  Cole’s Sorbus Storm Ryder, lovely 8 month old orange belton puppy full of substance.  Stood alone but well worthy of his 1st place.  Lovely head with dark eye and gentle expression.  Well angulated front and rear, good spring of rib and with level topline held on the move. BPD.

Puppy Dog (2A)

Veteran Dog (5,3A)
1. Moorhouse’s Sh Ch Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininnis, Very nice orange belton boy with beautiful head and expression.  Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Moved well.  2.  Cole’s Sorbus Jedi Master, liked this tri boy lovely masculine head but not overdone, short coupled and shown in good coat.  Just lost out today on movement.

Junior Dog (3A)

Yearling Dog (4,3A)
1. McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Fever, 23 months dark blue belton of lovely proportions.  What a lovely boy he is when you get your hands on him.  He has great  substance with good depth of chest,  masculine head with gorgeous expression.  Short coupled with well sprung rib and lovel topline.  Lovely short tail used to advantage on the move.  Covered the ground well.  Delighted to award him BD and BIS.

Maiden Dog (1A)
Novice Dog (2A)
Graduate Dog (2A)

Post Graduate Dog (2,1A)
1.  Dennis’ Mariglen Audi, 2 year old tri dog being a big naughty today.  He has the most gorgeous head and expression and when you go over him you can fully appreciate his qualities, lovely substance, good reach of neck with well laid back shoulders and good spring of rib.  Level topline held on the move.  Liked him a lot, just lost out in the challenge on movement.  RBD


Limit Dog (2,1A)
1. Wilson’s  Abiwrose Blue Musketeer, nicely balanced dark blue belton, short coupled with lovely head and expression.  Well angulated front and rear and shown in good coat.  Not cooperating with his handler today and would have liked a bit more enthusiasm on the move.

Open Dog (3,2A)
1.  Stephenson’s Wistaston Starting School at Steeplow.  Judged this boy as a youngster and he has developed nicely.  Alone but worthy of his first place.  Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, good front angulation and turn of stifle.  Lovely feet and gorgeous dark eye.  Moved well.

Special Beginners Dog (3,2A)
1.  Abiwrose Blue Musketeer.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2A)
1.  Kelly’s Richecca Midnight Melody, Very pretty tri bitch with the sweetest of heads and lovely low set ears.  Nicely balanced and well off for bone with good tight feet.   Level topline and good tail set and shown in good coat and condition. A happy, sound mover with such ring presence for one so young .  Thought her lovely.  BPB and BPIS.  2.  Greenwood’s Sunrush Moondance of Oakenbank,  8 months very promising young lady with a pretty head and lovely expression.  Well laid back shoulders and good tailset.  Moved well when settled.

Puppy Bitch (4,1)
Three very nice puppies in this class.
1.  Attwood’s Gorgeous 10 month old orange belton with the most feminine head and expression.  Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Level topline held on the move.  Nice tight feet , moved well with style.  In lovely coat. Pushed hard for BPB was a very tight decision.  2.  Kelly’s Richecca after Dark, litter sister to the minor puppy winner but bigger made all through.  Very substantial with good depth of chest and well sprung rib.  Quite a handful but moved well when settled.  3. Otty’s Richecca Love is in the Air over Lydull.

Veteran Bitch (2,1A)
1. Attwood’s Sh Ch Swannery Finlandia, I love this lady and it was nice to have the opportunity to go over her.  She is such a pretty, balanced and compact bitch with the most lovely soft expression.  Low set ears and long reach of neck into good shoulders.  Good depth of chest and short tail used to advantage on the move.  BVIS

Junior Bitch  (3,1A)
1.  Littlechild’s Grakar Gigi at Ravensett, very pretty, beautifully headed orange belton bitch of 13 months.  Well angulated front and rear with good spring of rib.  Moved well once settled.  2.  Owens’ Sunrush Solar Flair,  orange belton  bitch of 17 months, well balanced but stronger in head than 1 although still feminine, short coupled and good tailset.  Moved well.  Was a close decision in this class.


Yearling Bitch (3,0)
1. Hacking’s Benrae Something Beautiful, and she certainly is.  Love this lady from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail.  Beautiful head and expression with low set ears.  Shown in good coat and condition and moved round the ring with style with a lovely slashing tail action commanding your attention with her ring presence.  Couldn’t deny her BB and RBIS.  2. McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Pearl, honest ob bitch with lots to like about her. Well  balanced with a good head and dark eye.  Nice feet and excellent turn of stifle.  Moved well.   3.  Wilson’s Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose.

Maiden Bitch (2,1A)
1. Grakar Gigi at Ravensett.

Novice Bitch (2,1A)
1. Grakar Gigi at Ravensett.

Graduate Bitch
1.Stephenson’s  Lakecastle Sakura at Wistaston, another lovely orange belton lady with feminine head, low set ears  and gentle expression.  Well off for bone and has great spring of rib.  Well balanced and moved well.  2.  Calladine’s Hartsett Chardenney,  orange lady of a different type to 1 and bigger all through but still retaining her  femininity.  She is balanced and has good angulatiion front and rear.  Moved well.  3. Attwood’s  Swannery Field of Dreams.

Post Graduate Bitch (1,0A)
1. Harris’ Gemsett Ultra Violet, very feminine blue belton 2 year old bitch.  Pretty head with dark eye.  Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders.  Well angulated and with a level topline.  Nice short tail and good tight feet.  A very nice bitch but would have liked a little more enthusiasm on the move in the challenge.

Limit Bitch (1,1A)

Open Bitch (3,1A)
1. Lawson’s  Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal, 6 years old dark blue belton who has done well under me before, beautiful head with long reach of neck into good shoulders.  Well spring rib and level topline held on the move.  Happy on the move with lovely slashing tail action.  Not in the best of coats today but still worthy of RBB.  2.  Owens’ Sunrush Moonlight Sonata, well made orange belton  bitch with good depth of chest.  Well balanced with good angulation, happy mover.

Special Beginners Bitch (1,0A)
1. Wilson’s Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose, pretty little orange belton bitch with gentle expression, good reach of neck and well sprung rib. Sound Mover.

Janine Armstrong



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