Northern English Setter Society

Open Show 4 May 2014


The Northern English Setter Society held an open show at Rixton with Glazebrook Community Hall where the Best in Show was Gemsett Ultra Violet

 Despite the low paper entry I had some lovely dogs to go over and did not want for choice – especially among the bitches.  Thank you to the committee for the opportunity to judge at this show and their hospitality.


 Minor Puppy Dog – 1 entry

 1.       Wale & Bailey’s Wansleydale King’s Magic

           6m old orange boy full of promise and self-assurance.   Everything right about him – from a super head and expression to his well let down hocks and all in between.  Beautifully balanced with lots of lovely round bone, great coat and a happy and steady gait to match.  A delightful start to the proceedings.  .

 Puppy Dog – 1 entry

1.   McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Fever

11m dark blue.  An elegant lad, built on longer lines.  Well defined head with a lovely dark eye, excellent reach of neck, deep forechest and layback of shoulder.  Strong hindquarters with well-developed thighs including 2nd thighs.  Shown in good coat and hard condition.  Moved steadily.  BPD, RBD, BPIS

 Veteran, Junior, Yearling, Maiden Dog – 0 entries

  Novice Dog – 1 entry

1.  McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Fever

Graduate Dog – 0 entries

Post Graduate Dog – 1 entry

1. Harcourt Jones’ Benrae Candy Twist at Designsett

2½ year old orange.  Upright dog, mature for his age. Masculine head of broader type.  Good front angulation, elbows let down and close.  Strong level topline with powerful hindquarters and loads of coat.  Really excelled on the move with a balanced stride and straight action.



Limit Dog – 4 entries, 1 absent

1.       Mortimers’ Phlerdor Thief of Time

 3½ year old blue belton.  Compact in build with lots of bone and coat.  Strong forequarters, short level back and plenty of rib; excellent angulation fore and aft with long thighs and low hocks.  All finished off with a super coat.  Would have preferred a leaner head, but won easily.  BD, RBIS.

2.       Booth’s Benrae the Entertainer at Whitcroft

4 year old tri with lots to like.  Classic head and correct expression with good dark eye.  Powerfully built dog, more upright than 1, just looked for more balance overall.  Moved soundly.

3.       Bacon’s Desert Dreamer 

Special Beginners Dog – 1 entry

1.       Bacon’s Desert Dreamer 

5 year old orange.  Finer head, with ears well set.  Elbows and hocks nicely let down and a fantastic coat.  Moved steadily once he got going.


Minor Puppy Bitch – 2 entries 

1.       Taylor’s Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale

          8 month tri, surprisingly finished for her ageBeautifully constructed with perfect balance and proportion.  Just the right amount of everything – angulation, coat, ribs, bone.  Moved out strongly and confidently – only her age told against her in the challenge.  BPB, RBPIS


2.       Walker’s Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere

6 month blue, an absolute baby.  Well defined head, nicely put together, everything in proportion with good straight bone.  Just not the substance of 1.  Carried herself well enough.


Puppy Bitch – 4 entries,

1.       Taylor’s Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale

2.       McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Pearl

Close enough decision.  11m orange bitch.  Absolutely classic head with an elegant neck.  Good level topline and lashings of coat, but not quite the depth of forechest of 1.  Perfectly balanced standing but looked for more balance and drive on the move.

Veteran Bitch – 1 entry 

  1. Mortimer’s Colour My Life at Phlerdor

    8½ year old tri – compact build with an excellent head and lovely dark eye.  Good width between the shoulders, elbows well let down and excellent rear angulation.  Shown in super coat but not as balanced on the move as I would have liked.


Junior Bitch – 3 entries, 1 absent

1.       Seaman’s Mariglen Mercedes

Elegant and well-constructed 15m blue girl.  Classic profile – excellent front assembly, short level back, ribs nicely sprung and well balanced hindquarters.  Nicely off for bone overall.  A picture on the move where her action was absolutely true and she put several others to shame. RBB

2.       Steans’ Bournehouse Sugar and Spice at Bradstar

Tri of similar age, built on longer lines.  Sweet head and expression, with ears well set.  Good deep ribs although would have preferred more width at the shoulder.  Well off for coat but not co-operating with her handler and somewhat erratic on the move.

Yearling Bitch – 1 entry

1.       Harris’ Gemsett Ultra Violet

The more I saw of this girl the more I liked her.  Rising 2 she presents an impeccable profile.  Long lean head, elegant neck set perfectly onto her shoulders which are well laid back.  Good return of upper arm, short level back and strong hindquarters.  Totally balanced throughout and a good coat to finish.  Moved steadily and straight with increasing drive as events progressed.  If I could change one thing it would be to ask for a little more width between the ears but she delivers in all other departments and I was happy to award her BB and afterwards BIS.  

Maiden Bitch – 2 entries, 1 absent


1.       Taylor’s Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale


Novice Bitch – 4 entries, 1 absent

1.       Seaman’s Mariglen Mercedes


2.       Steans’ The Devil Wears Zara at Bradstar
18m balanced orange, longer cast showing a clean outline.  Great angulation plus long thighs, good bend of stifle and hocks well let down.  Excellent topline and a good coat, just not the definition in the head.  Moved freely.

3.       Rachdale Sea Pearl  

Graduate Bitch – 1 entry

1.       Harris’ Gemsett Ultra Violet


Post Graduate Bitch – 2 entries 

1.       Mortimers’ Phlerdor Light Fantastic

          Compact blue girl.  Lovely head and expression, balanced assembly, lots of bone and coat throughout.  Elbows and hocks well let down.  Short level topline, good mover.

2.       Owens’ Sunrush Moonlight Serenade

          Another blue, not the same balance as 1, but sweet head and expression, good straight bone and plenty of rib.  Shown in good coat, just looked for more return in the upper arm.


Limit Bitch – 4 entries, 2 absent


1.       McCabe’s Mariglen Nina Fever 

          3 year old tri girl built on classic lines and one I have gone over before.  Presents an upright profile with long neck well set on to shoulders, nice deep ribs, long hocks, and plenty of bone and coat.  Moved steadily but needs to give more.

2.       Owens’ Sunrush Moonlight Sonata   

                     Orange, 3 years old, well defined head, strong forequarters and good layback of shoulder and a level topline.  Not as balanced overall as 1. 

Fiona Tompsett


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