Northern English Setter Society Open Show
May 5th 2013

The Northern English Setter Society held an open show where BIS, Richecca Sea The Stars at Crimbledale, RBIS, Upperwood Psychedelic, BPIS, Mariglen Xanthe & BV, Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininnis.

Despite a small entry there were plenty quality dogs to go over, making for some close decisions. My main concern was that I found few straight fronts, many were narrow in the forechest with a tendency to turn their feet out, or were out at the
elbow. I also found a number of exhibits trimmed excessively down the back of the neck & withers, this does nothing to enhance our elegant breed. I was looking for an elegant, well balanced dog, both standing & on the move, this was achieved by all of my main winners.


Minor puppy(0).

Puppy(1),1. Young's, Nattasett Snow Angel over Ingella, 9 month b/b/t, pleasing head & eye, straight front with strong rear quarters, gave his handler a hard time, but moved well with a happy tail action.BPD

Veteran(1),1. Moorhouse's, Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininnis, 7 year old o/b, well proportioned head with expressive dark oval eyes, lovely reach of neck leading into well angulated shoulders, straight forearms, moved freely with a slashing tail, RBD & BV.

Junior(3),1. Danks-Kemish's, Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran, stylish well coated dark b/b of 13 months, typical head with expressive eyes, would like a little more length of upper arm, well ribbed up with good depth of chest, well muscled
hindquarters which he used to advantage on the move with a slashing tail.

2. Jarvis', Balvenie Justa Surprise, 15 month b/b/t, kind soft expression, well grown just needs more time to mature. Preferred movement of 1.

Yearling(5),1. Goutorbe's, Upperwood Psychedelic, striking 19 month o/b, very handsome, good bite, excelled in shoulder angulation, well sprung ribs, shown in lovely coat & condition, moved with drive & style. Won BD on his sound accurate
2. Danks-Kemish's, Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran.
3. Wilson's, Abiwrose Blue Musketeer.


Novice(3),1.Wilson's, Abiwrose Blue Musketeer, b/b with a pleasing expression, good length & lay back of upper arm, deep rib cage with a sweeping stifle, tended to crab a little on the move. Needs time to mature.
2. Jarvis', Balvenie Justa Surprise.

Graduate(2),1. Marsden's, Upperwood In The Grove, beautiful head with a melting expression, dark oval eyes, correct front & rear quarters, well ribbed & deep in chest, so very balanced, moved with confidence. Could do with losing a few pounds.
2. Jarvis', Balvenie Justa Surprise.

Post Graduate(2), I. Booth's, Benrae The Entertainer at Whitcroft, nicely put together b/b/t, well boned dog who stood on strong tight feet, compact sturdy body, moved well from strong hindquarters. Unfortunately in the challenge lost all enthusiasm on the move.
2. Marsden's, Upperwood In The Grove.

Limit(2),Close decision between these 2 very different dogs. 1. Dykes', Caleydene Travelling Man, b/b/t, well constructed shoulders with good length & angulation of upper arm, strong topline & quarters with well muscled rear angulation, giving him a balanced outline which he held on the move. Pushed hard in the challenge, just could not match the movement of winners.
2. Yarrow's Lakecastle Going For Gold for Sorrodale.o/b, correct bite, pleasing width in forechest, deep body & well sprung ribs, in lovely coat & condition, moved ok. Not as balanced as 1 on the move.


Special beginners(2), 1. Marsden's, Upperwood In The Grove.
2. Wilson's, Abiwrose Blue Musketeer.


Minor puppy(2),Two lovely puppies. 1. Dennis', Mariglen Xanthe,7 month o/b, beautiful head with melting expression, dark oval eyes, clean over neck & shoulders moved well for one so young, slightly more body & coat than 2.BPB & BPIS.
2. Steans', Sorbus The Devil Wears Zara at Bradstar,6 month light o/b, enjoying her first show, sweet head with lovely dark eyes, slightly longer in the loin than 1, very exuberant on the move, her tail never stopped wagging.

Puppy(3),1. Harris', Gemsett Ultra Violet,11 month b/b, elegant lean head, straight
front with elbows well tucked in, appealing shape which she kept on the move, happy tail action, just needs to body up to complete the picture.

Veteran(2), 1. Dykes', Caleydene Amazing Love, beautiful 7 year old dark b/b, stood out here for her quality, type & style, excellent reach of neck leading into well placed shoulder, moved with free effortless movement. Pushed really hard in the challenge, just lacked the drive of the youngsters.
2. Saville's, Hartsett Leading Lady of Brysett, also 7 years old, finer frame than 1, attractive head & dark expressive eyes, straight front with a good reach of neck& well laid back shoulders, in full coat. Could not match 1's movement.

Junior(3), 1. Williamson's, Balvenie Sheer Surprise, attractive 15 month b/b/t, long lean head, nice depth of body, just needs to develop more spring of rib to complete the picture, moved ok, enjoying herself with a wagging tail.

Yearling(2), 1. Williamson's, Balvenie Sheer Surprise.

Maiden(1), 1. Harris', Gemsett Ultra Violet.


Graduate(4),1. Otty's, Richecca And All That Jazz with Lydull, o/b, appealed greatly for shape & type, beautiful head & neat ears, pleasing angulation front & rear, providing reach & drive while using her well set tail, movement true fore & aft.

Post Graduate(5), 1. Loynd's, Richecca Sea The Stars at Crimbledale, dark b/b, who really took my eye both standing & on the move. The sweetest of heads, dark oval eye, well ribbed body, correct width of 2nd thigh & turn of stifle, high head carriage, drove round the ring with elegance.BB & BIS.
2. Saville's, Hannahdene Little Dreamer of Brysett, lovely long lean head & melting expression, strong level topline flowing into a lovely set of tail, happy mover, not the body of 1.
3. Wilson's, Ravensett Blue Silk.

Limit(3),Two lovely o/b bitches. 1. Goutorbe's, Upperwood Snowball for Rehara, classic head, clean over neck & shoulders with strong rear quarters which enabled her to cover the ground effortlessly. Rear movement let her down in the challenge.
2, Dennis', Mariglen Beautiful Dawn, not quite the head of 1, but still an attractive bitch, tight padded feet, shoulders well set back, deep well sprung ribs, nicely angulated rear quarters which she used well on the move.

Open(4),1. Lawson's, Mariglen Ice Crystal, elegant b/b, dark oval eyes, slightly longer cast than 2, won this place on her balance & shape, which she held on the move, strong free driving movement with a ever wagging tail. Would have like more width in forechest which cost her BB, RBB.
2 Dykes', Caleydene Remember Me, feminine o/b, with a soft kind eye, strong straight forearms & well tucked in elbows, strong rear quarter providing sound movement. Not quite the balance & style of 1.

Special Beginners(1),1. Wilson's, Ravensett Blue Silk, b/b, 3rd in PG, sweet head with kind expressive eyes, well laid back shoulders, coat not at it's best, happy mover.

Vicky Mcloughlin.

5 MAY 2013


1.Danks-Kemish Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran. 14 month old dark blue boy, in full coat. Pleasing expression with dark eye. Moved with purpose and held his top line on the move presenting a balanced outline. Very settery type.

2.Harris Gemsett Ultra Violet. 11 month old blue bitch. Lighter colour than 1. Very feminine. Kind eye. Good front angulation and reach of neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Not quite as positive on the move as 1.

3.Jarvis Balvenie Justa Surprise.



1.Lawson Mariglen Ice Crystal. Breed standard calls for elegant in appearance and this bitch certainly is. Blue bitch well ribbed up. Moved around the ring with purpose with correct tailset and lashing tail.

2.Moorhouse Upperwood For your Eyes Only to Glinninis. 7 year old orange boy not looking his age. Well bent stifle. Appealing head. Good front with deep chest.

3.Dyke and McCrindle Caleydene Travelling Man.


Andrew McDowell (Byedales)


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