Northern English Setter Society

Championship Show SATURDAY 21st JULY 2018


Dog Judge: Mrs Glenys Sykes (Daraquist)
Bitch Judge: Mr Steve Hollings (Gunalt)


        • Best in Show

Sh. Ch. Ravensett Fire ‘N’ Ice

Res Best in Show
Wetherby Wisper to Wansleydale
Best Puppy in Show
Glenmaurangi Starman
Best Veteran in Show

Richecca Sea The Stars at Crimbledale


        • Dog CC

Sh. Ch. Ravensett Fire ‘N’ Ice

Res Dog CC
Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie
Bitch CC
Wetherby Wisper to Wansleydale
Res Bitch CC
Crimbledale Seaing Stars
Puppy Bitch
Bournehouse Secret Whisper
Puppy Dog
Glenmaurangi Starman


Minor Puppy Dog
Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Glenmaurangi Starman

2nd Mariglen Smoke Screen

1st Bournehouse Secret Whisper

2nd Bournehouse Secret Love

3rd Mariglen Serendipity at Kanietter


Puppy Dog
Puppy Bitch

1st Wansleydale Frangelico for Mirkwood

2nd Tattersett Dark Honey

3rd Cumbersett Bluebell

4th Wansleydale Magic Rose

5th Richecca Chorus Girl


Junior Dog
Junior Bitch

1st Wansleydale Quicksilver

2nd Wansleydale Dorian Gray

3rd Nattaset True Glow

4th Alofrana Memphis Rock

5th Ravensett Carnelian at Redbornstoke

1st Alolfrana Kansas Kate at Moorbrook

2nd Beechanger Velvet Crab

3rd Tawnymeade Tinkerbell over Setciana

4th Phenset Sparks Will Fly


Veteran Dog
Veteran Bitch

1st Sh. Ch. Upperwood In The Grove

2nd Abiwrose Blue Musketeer

1st Richecca Sea The Stars at Crimbledale

2nd Sh. Ch. Mandyset Rumour Has It at Decoverly


Yearling Dog
Yearling Bitch

1st Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie

2nd Sorbus Plays The Field

3rd Wansleydale Dorian Gray

1st Goldbirch Wings Of Desire


Novice Dog
Novice Bitch

1st Alofrana Memphis Rock

1st Wansleydale Frangelico for Mirkwood

2nd Mariglen Cleopatra

3rd Wansleydale Magic Rose



Graduate Dog
Graduate Bitch

1st Bramstorm Oberon

2nd Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec

1st Bramstorm Tapestry

2nd Valsett Starlite Indigo



Post Graduate Dog
Post Graduate Bitch

1st Wansleydale Goldsmith

2nd Kanietter Silversone

3rd Bournehouse Stormy Sky

4th Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec

5th Valsett Starlite Romancer

1st Tattersett Clever Cookie

2nd Hawklawn Kaleidoscope

3rd Mandysett Oh Boy at Decoverly



Mid Limit Dog
Mid Limit Bitch

1st Mariglen Solar Flame

1st Valsett Starlite Sunny Days

2nd Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon

3rd Balvenie Evita

4th Rachdale Elegance


Limit Dog
Limit Bitch

1st Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd

2nd Tattersett Galileo

3rd Beechanger Dusty Miller

4th Sorbus Storm Ryder

5th Rachdale Sea Fever

1st Crimbledale Seaing Stars

2nd Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere

3rd Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose

4th Balvenie Gone With The Wind

5th Richecca Midnight Melody


Open Dog
Open Bitch

1st Sh. Ch. Ravensett Fire ‘N’ Ice

2nd Sh.Ch. Phenset Blue Max

3rd Sh.Ch. Crimbledale Sea The Skies

1st Wetherby Wisper to Wansleydale

2nd Sh. Ch. Wansleydale Star Queen

3rd Bournehose Dreamy Days

4th Sh. Ch. Gillancette Pebbles for Tattersett

5th Sh. Ch. Quensha Shadows of The Night


Class A The David Ingram Memorial Special Yearling Award
Class B The Special Open Memorial Award

1st Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie

2nd Alolfrana Kansas Kate at Moorbrook

3rd Wansleydale Dorian Gray

4th Wansleydale Quicksilver

5th Beechanger Velvet Crab

1st Bramstorm Tapestry

2nd Bramstorm Oberon

3rd Kanietter Silversone

4th Beechanger Dusty Miller

5th Hawklawn Kaleidoscope


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