Northern English Setter Society
21sth July 2018


My grateful thanks to my stewards, NESS for their hospitality and the exhibitors for an entry I thoroughly enjoyed judging. The weather permitted judging to be outside in the good sized rings which also was a bonus.

Minor Puppy (2) - 1 .Phillips,Bryant & Watkins' Glenmaurangi Starman. Attractive upstanding 8 month b/b /tan. appealing lean head with good break for age, lovely expressive dark oval eye, low set ears, good lay of shoulder, straight front with elbows well let down, good rib, level top line, short coupled, good sweep of stifle and tail straight off the back, moved very soundly and true using his tail. Beautifully presented. BPIS on referee's decision.

2.Prince's Mariglen Smoke Screen. First time out I believe for this 6 month b/b who has the most beautiful head and eye giving kind expression, good shoulder lay and front angulation, short level back and turn of stifle, good coat and really enjoyed himself which was evident on the move with good tail action. Nice baby.

Puppy (A)

Junior (6.1) - Very nice class of youngsters. (6.1 ). 1 .Taylor's Wansleydale Quicksilver. Classic head on this b/btan boy, lean and with defined stop, long muscular neck into good layback of shoulder, deep chest with elbows well let down, strong top line with well muscled second thigh, tail off the back which he used correctly when moving. In good coat and beautifully presented.

  1. 2.Lawson's Wansleydale Dorian Gray. B/b/tan litter brother to 1 st. Has the most appealing head with melting expression, good neck into layback of shoulder, short coupled, round bone and good feet, moved well driving off short hocks, using his tail. Today he lacked the furnishings and maturity of his brother but nevertheless a very nice boy.

  2. 3.Sayers & Dennis' Nattaset True Glow

Veteran (4.2) - Both a credit to their owners. I Marsdens' Sh Ch Upperwood in the Grove. Upstanding b/b/tan put down to perfection in full silky coat. Strong masculine head, with the most melting expression with oval eye, strong neck, deep chest, good round bone, padded feet, level top line, good bend of stifle, moved well and enthusiastically using his tail.
2.WiIsons' Abiwrose Blue Musketeer. Classic lean headed dark b/b, long neck into good lay of shoulder, good round bone, short coupled with deep chest and very good bend of stifle, tail off the back which he used on the move.

Yearling (5.1) -     1 . Schoneville & Demy's Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie JW. I was really taken with this dog, often admired him from the ringside, so was lovely to be hands on and he did not disappoint. This substantial o/b is built on clean lines, masculine head but not overdone, defined stop and dark kind eye of correct shape. Strong muscular neck into good layback of shoulder, good angulation with elbows well let down, deep chest, good round bone and padded feet, level short back with well sprung rib, stifles well bent, tail straight off the back which he used correctly as he moved very soundly and steadily around the ring with slashing tail. Beautifully presented in good coat. RCC.

  1. 2.Spencer's Sorbus Plays the Field. Very glamorous b/b/tan, well presented in good coat. Masculine head with defined stop and kind eye, strong neck into good shoulder, strong round bone, deep chest and good rib, level top line, good sweep of stifle, moved very soundly and with enthusiasm, a little proud of his tail today but I am sure his futUre will be bright, unfortunate to meet in such form.

  2. 3.Lawson's Wansleydale Dorian Gray

Novice (1) - I Kellys' Alofrana Memphis Rock. 4th in a very strong Junior class this attractive b/b/tan has lots to like about him. Lovely classic lean head and kind expression, strong neck, deep chest and level top line, well set tail and well muscled second thigh, the owner was struggling with him trying to keep his head off the ground but when he did he moved very soundly, he is well worth persisting.

Graduate (2) - 1 . Oliver's Bramstorm Oberon. Very attractive o/b youngster who is built on elegant flowing lines and maturing nicely. Most lovely lean, clean head with kind oval eye, strong neck into well placed shoulders, deep chest and elbows well let down giving such correct front angulation, short coupled, level back, good bend of stifle and tail set off the back, he moved effortlessly with correct slashing tail. He was seriously considered for top honours, but his time will come I am sure.

2. Mellish's Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec. Compact b/b with the most appealing head and melting expression. This dog is so well made throughout, lovely long neck, short backed, good bend of stifle, tail off back. A little less weight might be of advantage to him but he was with one with his owner moving well using his tail.

Post Graduate (9.2) - Another lovely hotly contested class. 1 .Butler's Wansleydale Goldsmith. Classic lean headed o/b with defined stop, clean foreface. This dog has so many attributes, head into strong muscular neck, good layback of shoulder, elbows well let down, deep chest and level back, good bend of stifle and short hock with tail set off the back. He commanded the ring when he moved so soundly with long enthusiastic striding action and slashing tail. A lovely dog.
2. Sharpies Kanietter Silverstone. Very dose up and this dog is the one I feel has improved so much within the year, upstanding o/b with masculine head not overdone, most lovely kind expression, deep chest and elbows well let down, level top line, good bend of stifle, well muscled second thigh, tail set off the back, moved soundly and well. I am SUre these two oranges will change places many a time in the future.
3.Wiliams' Bournehouse Stormy Sky.

Mid Limit (2.1) - 1 . Sayers & Dennis' Mariglen Solar Flame. Although stood alone, would hold his own in other company easily, upstanding o/b shown in beautiful coat and condition. Masculine head with defined stop, lovely oval dark eye, good neck into well laid back shoulders, deep chest, level back, good bend of stifle, short hock, level tail which he used well on the move, when he concentrates.

Limit (8.1) - Such a quality class of lads. . Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW. B/b with strong masculine head, kind expressive eye of correct oval shape, over the head this dog excelled for me, strong neck into well laid back shoulders, deep chest with elbows well let down, good round bone, padded feet, short level back, good bend of stifle, well muscled second thigh, tail straight off the back, short hock, he powered his way around the ring, covering the ground with slashing tail won him this class.

  1. 2.Stewart & Quenby's Tattersett Galileo. A dog I have always admired, balanced throughout, most beautiful refined head with dark eye, strong neck, short compact body, deep chest, good round bone, level back with good bend of stifle, muscular second thigh, short hock, moved very soundly, he has age on his side.

  2. 3.Fisher's Beechanger Dusty Miller.

Open (3) - A class of three worthy champions, all in their own merit. 1 . Littlechild's Sh Ch Ravensett Fire 'N' Ice. Stunning roan o/b who commanded attention, shown in excellent condition and coat, built on flowing elegant lines with no exaggerations, lovely lean head with defined stop and expressive dark eye of correct shape, strong neck into good lay of shoulder with elbows well let down, deep chest, well ribbed, level short back with good bend of stifle, short hock, well muscled second thigh and tail straight off the back. Moving elegantly and soundly, yet purposefully around the ring with good head carriage and slashing tail, I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC and delighted in agreement with my co judge BIS.

  1. 2.Bryant & Hollis' Sh Ch Phenset Blue Max. Upstanding and very attractive b/b with classic lean head, dark eye, good round bone, straight front, level top line, good turn of stifle, straight hock, on the move he excelled with high head carriage, long free striding gait with a gentle swish of the tail and all on a loose lead.

  2. 3.Loynd's Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea the Skies.

Judge: Glenys Sykes


As always it is great to judge my first breed, in a perfect outside ring with super weather, a little hot in the morning but a good breeze after lunch. The hospitality was grand, thank you. My co judge Glenys Sykes and I agreed for BIS, the lovely male, SH.CH. RAVENSETT FIRE ‘N’ ICE. & RES BIS, my bitch WETHERBY WHISPER TO WANSLEYDALE and let the referee, Howard Stubbington do some work for BPIS, the dog GLENMAURAGI STARMAN, who was one with a great future. Best veteran, the bitch, RICHECCA SEA THE STARS AT CRIMBLEDALE , who I notice was dam of my res cc winner.  

M.P.3. 1ST. SPENCER, BOURNEHOUSE SECRET WHISPER. Beautiful young blue Belton, really well balanced ‘Good head and dark eye with soft expression. Correct stop, good muzzle, low ear set. Grand bone and tight feet. Soundly made and really went well with good personality. BPB. 2ND.WILLIAMS, BOURNEHOUSE SECRET LOVE. I believe this is sibling to winner and pushed winner hard .In lovely condition and so sound with lovely head, so typical . Not quite as positive on the move as winner today, but these are young and will develop further. 3RD. SHARPLES, MARIGLEN SERENDIPITY AT KANIETTER.

P.8.1 ABS.1ST. ROBERTS, WANSLEYDALE FRANGELICO FOR MIRKWOOD.11 month tidy bitch. Very well made and stands right. Good head could be cleaner through throat. She has flowing lines and is feminine throughout.  Went well. 2ND. GRIMSDELL, TATTERSETT DARK HONEY. Really liked this orange bitch, the most gorgeous head with dark eye and melting expression. Standing, thought she would be my winner, but not in the mood to comply today.  However, she did move soundly. Think there is a lot more to come from this one. 3RD. HARDING, CUMBERSETT BLUEBELL.

JUN. 4.1ST. HOWARTH, ALOLFRANA KANSAS KATE AT MOORBROOK. Lovely outline on this bitch. Head is molded with well shaped eye, good stop and ear set. She has well laid shoulder and correct ribbing with good coupling. Strong muscled quarters. Her tail is well set and used all the time carried just right.   2ND. HENRY, BEECHANGER VELVET CRAB.  Not a lot to dislike about the feminine sound bitch. She is well bodied with good head, flowing neck and is short coupled. Just a little close behind on the move today. 3RD. NUNN, TAWNYMEADE TINKERBELL OVER SETCIANA.

VETERAN. 4,2ABS. 1ST. LOYND, RICHECCA SEA THE STARS AT CRIMBLEDALE. This dark blue belton presents a super picture, with her full immaculate coat. At 9 years she fulfils the standard of an English setter with her firm and balanced outline. Super head, long elegant neck and balance of depth to leg. Goes so well, a worthy winner.  2ND. DAY. SH.CH. MANDYSET RUMOUR HAS IT AT DECOVERLY. Again a very decent bitch, looking well for her age. She is good to go over and in lovely condition. Moves true but not quite the zest of the winner.   

YEARLING. 4,3ASB. 1ST. LOAKES, GOLDBIRCH WINGS OF DESIRE. Pleasing feminine bitch, not in her best coat and a bit at that in between stage at the moment. She is pretty and has a lovely personality, and went well.

NOVICE.1,2. REPEAT, 1ST. W FRANGELICO FOR M. Repeat. 2ND. SEAMAN & EICKERT, MARIGLEN CLEOPATRA. A very decent bitch who is still young and not finished. I think with time, she will come together and should end up a good show bitch. At the moment just not the reach in front of the winner. 

GRAD. 3,1ABS. 1ST. OLIVER, BRAMSTORM TAPESTRY. A feminine, elegant bitch, full of type. Good leg length, has spring of rib and short firm loin. Flowing lines to good tail set . in gleaming coat and went with good movement .  2ND. WATKIN, VALSETT STARLITE INDIGO SKY. Just 2 years old and not the finish of the winner. She has a classic English setter head, good proportions and coupling .Is feminine and graceful, in lovely condition and happy.

POST GRAD. 4,1ABS. 1ST. GRIMSDELL, TATTERSETT CLEVER COOKIE. A lovely type and just looked a picture in outline as everything flows. She is as nice when you go over her and was in good body and muscle. Stands on well boned legs and neat tight feet.  Well presented and went round well. 2ND. WILLIAMSON, HAWKLAWN KALEIDOSCOPE. Pretty bitch that has a pleasing head and soft expression. Very tidy make and shape. Could have tighter feet. Not just as good on the move as the winner. 3RD. DAY, MANDYSETT OH BOY AT DECOVERLY.

MID LIMIT. 4. 1ST. WATKIN, VALSETT STARLITE SUNNY DAYS. Very promising as was second place. Lovely head with that sweet typical expression. Clean elegant neck, well placed shoulders and neat elbows.   This is a flashy one with personality and good action holding her shape and using her well set tail.  2ND. TAYLOR & BRIGWATER, WANSLEYDALE YELLOW RIBBON. Another good one from this kennel. Lovely shape, feminine but not weak. Has lovely head, body and bone .Presented in lovely coat and is fit and sound.  3RD. MCCABE ,RACHDALE ELEGANCE.

LIMIT. 8,3ABS. 1ST. LOYND, CRIMBLE SEAING STARS. Lovely orange in immaculate condition and coat. Beautiful molded head with dark eye and melting expression. Strong flowing outline. Has substance and muscle and is feminine. Stylish and true on the move with lovely tail action. Lots of quality.   RES CC. 2ND. WALKER, MARIGLEN GLORIOUS MORNING AT HATHERMERE. Very typical ain head with, correct skull and ear set .Good eye set, colour and expression. Could have better shoulders and more elegance of neck. Not quite the finish or style of the winner.3RD. WILSON, UPPERWOOD UNFORGETTABLE AT ABIWROSE.

OPEN.8. 1ST. TAYLOR, WETHERBY WHISPER TO WANSLEYDALE. This tri is just my sort .She is so English in every way. Has quality and type in abundance. Each part fits easily through to the next with balance .Fit and muscular with correct coupling.  Just loves what she does and never lets her handler down. Perhaps not the most glamorous ,but she could win in any decade.  CC. 2ND. PHILLIPS, BRYANT & WATKINS,SH.CH. WANSLEYDALE STAR QUEEN.  Notice she is by the same sire as the winner and she has lots of the same attributes. Classic and super presentation of body and coat. She was a pleasure to judge and easy to see why she has her title.  3RD. LEWIS, BOURNEHOUSE DREAMY DAYS.



Special Memorial Award Classes

Class A - The David Ingham Memorial Special Yearling Award 13 entries (4 abs.)
A quality class with hair splitting decisions.
1st - P. Schoneville & A. Derry’s Hawklawn Khasmin at Balvenie, Handsome young Orange dog, took my eye as he entered the ring. Sound construction, well off for bone. Pleasing masculine head, super neck and lay of shoulders, firm top line which he kept on the move. Strong muscular rear quarters used to advantage. Later I was so pleased to see him be awarded the R.D.C.C. It made my day!
2nd - J & L Howarth’s Alolfrana Kansas Kate at Moorbrook, Very pretty bitch with melting expression and dark appealing eyes. Balanced throughout, clean neck into well placed shoulders. Not overdone in any way. Good bend of stifle, with correct angles to front and rear allowing her to move freely with plenty of style.
3rd – L. Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray
 Class B - The Special Open Memorial Award 6 entries (0 abs.)
1st - Mr & Mrs D. Oliver’s Bramstorm Tapestry, Striking Tri bitch, so feminine and elegant, just oozing ring presence. She has a delightful head, so full of character. Lovely clean outline with everything fitting in the right place therefore creating flowing movement with super tail action. Could have watched her move all day!
2nd - Mr & Mrs D. Oliver’s Bramstorm Oberon, This young Orange dog possesses so many qualities of his sister. I loved his appealing head and overall balance. Good angulations front and rear just as they should be. Moved soundly both ways. Shown in tip-top condition. Could change places with his sister on another day. Wishing you Good Luck for the future with this brother and sister.
3rd – M. Sharples Kanietter Silverstone

Judge : Mrs Gloria Taylor


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