Northern English Setter Society
15th July 2017


My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge and for their hard work in putting together and running this special show.

Two areas for concern in the breed: firstly, gay tails, a fault which I know has been brought up many times before but doesnt seem to be getting better and secondly, movement.  English Setters were bred to work all day on the grouse moors. Many of the dogs I went over had poor muscle tone leading to poor movement and obviously have little free exercise. I know that not everyone has easy access to safe open ground but a good lead walk each day and a trip once a week to somewhere they can really run would make a lot of difference. Those muscles are just as important as the beautiful coat you spend so much time grooming and your dog would be healthier and happier.

MPD (2 1) 1 Coles Albadora Obi Wan Kenobi Raw baby of nearly 9 mths. Has gone up on his legs and now needs time to fill in. Promising head and dark eye. Good length of neck and correct topline. Good bone and tight feet. Rather erratic on the move at the moment and tail carried high.

PD (2 0) 1 Schoneville & Derrys Hawklawn Khamsin Masculine head with dark eyes and gentle expression, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulder. Balanced outline. Good quarters and turn of stifle. Moved steadily. BPD 2 Bournehouse Silver Flame for Starsetta Tri dog with pleasing head and correct length of muzzle. In good coat and condition. Rather proud of his tail on the move.

JD (5 0) 1 Watkins Valsett Starlite RomancerBalanced b/b with a lovely head and soft expression, good reach of neck, well angulated front and rear. Short coupled with well sprung ribs and good depth of brisket. In super coat for age. Moved well once settled. 2 Pitts Wandsfell Call on Me Rangier dog and not quite as mature as 1. Classic head with lean skull and kind eye. Level topline and correct hind angulation with good width of thigh.  Moved happily and steadily. 3 Cartys Gamerights Phoenix from the Flame

VD (5 1) What a class! I was very honoured to go over such lovely dogs that were all enjoying their day out. 1 Dykes & McCrindles Sh.Ch. Caleydene Travelling Man  At nearly 10 this boy can still hold his own. Classic head with the softest of expressions. Elegant neck into well-laid back shoulders and good rear angulation. In good coat and hard condition . He moved with drive and purpose, his slashing tail, natural head carriage and obvious enjoyment made us all smile. BV 2 Mitchell & Witheys Sh.Ch. Sunsprake Raging Storm over Sratchwood Well balanced 9 year old with good angulation and a level topline which he held on the move. In beautiful condition. Moved with drive. 3 Sh.Ch. Beechanger Wagtail

YD (4 1)1 Jennings Canteris Cool for Catz  Stylish b/b with balanced skull and good reach of neck. Correct fore and rear angulation and level topline. At the moment he is going through the teenage stage and still needs to fill out. Moved happily and with purpose. 2 Mellishs Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec   Short coupled young dog with good head proportions and dark eye. Correct angulation fore and aft and straight front but tail set a little low. Moved soundly. 3 Youngs Wandsleydale Ace of Hearts over Ingella

ND (3 1) Valsett Starlite Romancer 2 Wandsfell Call On Me

GD (3 0)Martins Quensha Cast No Shadow Over Sunhouse  Attractive dark tri with a balanced outline. Lovely head with soft expression. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Not overdone in any way. Well muscled up. Happy, free mover.  2 Sharples Kanietter Silverstone Good head and eye.  Lovely reach of neck, level topline. In hard condition which showed on the move. Unfortunately a little proud of his tail. 3 Pearsons Bradstar Total Eclipse At Yessandi

PGD (4 1) 1 Littlechilds Ravensett Fire ‘N Ice  Not a big dog but beautifully balanced with gorgeous, refined head and the softest of expressions . Good length of neck, well sprung ribs and level topline. Lovely hind angulation and well defined second thigh. Moved true and steady with slashing tail.Res.CC 2 Sketchleys Wansleydale Frazer  Bigger, more solidly built dog lacking the elegance of 1.  Masculine head with kind, well-shaped eye. Straight front and good spring of rib. Well angulated hind quarters. Moved soundly. 3 Coles  Sorbus Storm Ryder

MLD (6 1) Lovely class and some close decisions. Stewart & Quenbys Tattersett Galileo  Quality, balanced dark blue dog with lovely head and dark expressive eyes. Good neck and shoulders. Short coupled with a good spring of rib and well angulated hindquarters. Not overdone in any way. Moved well. 2 Montell & Harris Culverwell Front Page Story  Another lovely young dog but of a different type from 1.  Elegant head, good neck and shoulders. Good angulation.  Longer cast and occasionally lost his topline.  Moved steady and true with an exuberant, slashing tail. 3 Johnstons Daraquist Billy Bong

LD  (7 1)  Another lovely class of quality dogs. However, some that looked good standing were disappointing on the move. 1 Wale & Baileys Wansleydale Kings Magic  Flashy light orange, deep in brisket and good spring of rib. Level topline. Lovely free flowing movement using his well muscled hindquarters to drive. 2 Sykes Daraquist Barry A Reef  Smaller type but lovely balanced dark blue. Straight front with strong pasterns and good feet. Deep rib, short coupled with strong top line. Well angulated rear. Didnt move with the drive and purpose of 1. 3 Harradines Mandysett Leave It To Lewis At Halliana

OD (7 0) 1 Bryant & Hollis Sh.Ch. Phenset Blue Max   Beautifully presented blue in full coat and excellent condition. Classic head with good proportions and kind expression. Good length of neck and excellent angulation fore and rear. Well bodied up, short coupled. Lovely flowing movement, driving from well muscled and strong quarters with a slashing tail. CC and BIS 2 Marsdens Sh.Ch. Upperwood In The Groove Mature tri dog that needs to be gone over to fully appreciate his many virtues. Masculine head, excellent neck and shoulders, level topline and good bend of stifle. In hard condition and presented to perfection. 3 Cartys  Ir.Ch. Wansleydale Woodpecker

Jane Tucker ( Walshaw )


It was a pleasure and a privilege to judge Bitches at the NESS 50th anniversary show.
A most enjoyable day made possible by the hard working committee.
My thanks go to the committee, my efficient stewards, and of course the exhibitors .
Overall I was pleased with the bitches today, mouths were good and I was very happy with my class
winners, however there were quite a few upright shoulders, dipping toplines and low tail sets. Lack of muscle tone is also very noticeable.

Minor Puppy bitch (3.1)

  1. Hartles Hartsett Lady in Grey, Very promising 6month tricolour baby, sweet head and expression,reachy neck, correct front and rear angulation. Lovely outline when stacked. Moved very well as she gained confidence. I will watch her progress with interest.

  2. Seamans Mariglen Dusty Blonde, 8 month orange with pretty head, straight front and level topline, showing lots of promise. Moved happily.

Puppy bitch (5)

  1. Loakes Goldbirch Wings of Desire,eyecatching tricolour, most beautiful head and expression with dark eyes.Long arched neck into well laid shoulders, well ribbed, excellent rear quarters In super coat and condition. Moved very well. Pleased to award her Best Puppy bitch and later BPIS in agreement with my co judge. Must have a bright future

  2. Bishops Sorbus Plays the Fool at Dyrham, another quality puppy, tricolour with feminine head, correct front and well bodied. Excellent sweep of stifle. Presenting a super outline. Moved soundly once settled.

  3. 3 Jarvis’s Hawklawn Summer Breeze.

Junior bitch (7)

  1. Watkins Valsett Starlight Indigo Sky, blue with plenty of substance, feminine head with well defined stop, dark eye. Straight front,tight feet and well sprung rib. Level topline. Moved well with happy lashing tail.

  2. Tomkinsons Shelindair Cinderella of Dipponshurst, attractive tricolour with pretty head and dark eye. Smaller all through than 1. Lovely shape when stacked. Short coupled. Will do well when she gains more confidence.

  3. Devilles Gamerights Pretty Woman

Veteran (8.3)

  1. Devilles Int Ch Mariglen Nina Valentina, elegant 7and a half year old tricolour, classic head long reachy neck ,and clean shoulders, level back and well angulated quarters. Sound mover with correct tail carriage. In gleaming coat and condition.

  2. Lawsons ShCh mariglen Ice Crystal, well known Ch. Beautifully balanced bitch with sweet head and darkest of eye.strong muscular neck and nicely placed shoulders, deep chest. Moved really well. Just not in her best coat today unfortunately.

  3. Dennis’ ShCh Mariglen Beautiful Dawn.

Yearling Bitch (6.1)

  1. Hartles Hartsett Cherry Blossom, glamorous orange in fabulous coat and condition. Most beautiful head and dark eye. Good length of neck and neat front. Tight feet. Strong level topline with tail straight off her back. Presenting an eyecatching outline.

  2. Tomkinsons Shelindair Cinderella of Dipponshurst.

  3. Pitts Wandsfell Call me Crazy.

Novice Bitch (4)

  1. Loakes Goldbirch Wings of Desire

  2. Watkins Valsett Starlight Sunny Days, pleasing orange with elegant outline, attractive head, straight front with good spring of rib, strong quarters. Moved with good reach and drive.

Graduate Bitch (6.1)

  1. Grimsdells Tattersett Clever Cookie, orange of substance, well angulated front and rear with level back and well ribbed. Round bone and tight feet. Moved steadily with correct tail carriage and action. Well presented and handled.

  2. Taylors Wansleydale Bellini glamorous deep orange in top condition. Well balanced head with gentle expression . correct angulation fore and aft. Longer cast than 1 and not quite as strong in topline. Moved well

  3. McCabes Rachdale Elegance

Post Graduate Bitch (7.2)

  1. Loynds Crimbledale Seaing Stars, I have admired this young bitch from the ringside and was not disappointed on going over her today. Top quality bitch with exquisite head and melting expression, long reachy neck and the best of shoulders, straight front and lovely tight feet. Good width to hindquarters and long from hip to hock. Strong level topline which she held on the move. Lovely lashing tail action. Close up to top honours, im sure it wont be long.

  2. Hardings Mariglen Fenella at Cumbersett, unlucky to meet 1. Quality tri of different type. Attractive head and soft expression. Another with a long neck and well placed shoulders. Well bodied. Moved at one with her handler. In good coat and condition.

  3. Hackings Benrae Something Beautiful.

Mid Limit Bitch (4)

  1. Grimsdells gillancette Pebbles for Tattersett, an absolute picture, this gorgeous orange oozes quality. So well balanced. Stunning outline. Feminine head and dark expressive eye. Correct shoulder placement and neat front, short coupled with strong loin. Moved soundly using her tail. Very close decision between her and CC winner, and could change places another day! RCC.

  2. Hartles Hartsett All my Lovin. Another very pleasing orange with feminine head, strong and clean over shoulders,level topline, good depth of body and well angulated rear. In beautiful coat and condition and handled to perfection by her young handler.

  3. Walkers Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere.

Limit Bitch (6.3)

  1. McCabes Rachdale Sea Pearl elegant orange, well up to size. Balanced clean outline with flowing lines. Loved her head and gentle expression. Presented immaculately as always by this exhibitor. Moved very well for her handler with correct tail carriage.

  2. Harris’s Shanandi Hollyhock for Konakakela Close up to 1, very nice bitch with most beautiful head and eye. Love her elegance and style. Well balanced throughout with matching angulation, front and rear. Moved well with high head carriage.

  3. Wilsons Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose.

Open Bitch (9.5)

  1. Rumbles Jotunheim VaVa Voom one I have done well before and was delighted to see her today in full bloom. Needs to be gone over to be appreciated, she has a well worked head with kind expression strong muscular neck and correct forehand, short coupled and deep in brisket, sweeping stifles and short hocks. In hard muscled condition she is a credit to her owner.Moved with correct forward reach and rear drive with ever lashing tail. A pleasure to award her the CC, her third.

  2. Mugfords Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood,one I have admired from the ringside, mature deep orange with typical head and dark eye ,neat front and level topline. Short coupled,strong well angulated quarters. Shame she is carrying a touch too much weight, however she moved really well holding a level topline. In lovely coat and condition.

  3. Mauriks Vanquish Love of Rose.

Neil Kelly (Judge)

Memorial Stakes

I would like to thank the NESS Committee for the invitation to judge the stakes classes at their combined Championship & Open shows to celebrate their 50th anniversary in style. The show was so well organised and the only downside was the weather.

Two very promising youngsters headed this super class. 1 Watkins Valsett Starlite Romancer Such a soft and gentle head on this well made dark blue boy. Super body properties well rounded ribs with good depth of keel and excellent well rounded bone. Strong in topline, good tailset well used on the move. Excellent length and return of upper arm giving that forward reach I look for driven from behind by a broad second thigh, good turn of stifle and short well let down rear pasterns
2 Schoneville Derrys Hawklawn Khamsin Masculine headed orange boy with soft expression. Well off for bone. Balanced angulation fore and aft giving a more collected movement. Lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Shorter coupled than 1 with a strong level topline. Slightly lower tailset but so happy on the move.
3 Danks Kemishs Wansleydale Solitary Bee among Alolfrana
4 Jarvis Hawklawn Summer Breeze
5 Cartys Gamerights Phoenix from the Flame
What a class of quality exhibits which was quite a challenge to judge.
1 Mugfords Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood I have loved this orange bitch since I first saw her and although she left her party clothes at home today she could not be denied this place on her overall construction and sound movement. Lean head with dark oval eyes giving that soft expression, lovely crested neck into well-laid shoulders. Well rounded ribs with deep keel and forechest. Tight elbows, neat catlike feet with correct length and return of upper arm and balanced angulation giving forward reach and drive from behind.
2 Danks Kemishs Sh Ch Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran. Mature well known dark blue dog in full coat with the most lovely head and expression. So elegant in appearance reachy neck over well laid shoulders, super level topline and lashing tail. Moved with drive.
3 Walkers Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere
4 Fishers Sh Ch Beechanger Wagtail
5 Thomsons Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd

Maud Leather

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