Northern English Setter Society

Elsecar Heritage Centre

Judges Critique - Dogs

I would like to thank the Society for the invitation to judge and their warm hospitality.  My thanks also to Steve and Lesley my two very able stewards and of course the exhibitors and their very well presented dogs. I had a most enjoyable day.

MPD (2.2) Absent

PD (1)
1. Baker’s Pewterspeare Pearl Dragon 0f Ridleywood. B/B. Attractive outline.  Correct head and expression. Dark eyes and well defined stop. Good, well laid back shoulders and bend of stifle.  Promising puppy at this stage.

JD (9.4)
1. Sharples’ Kanietter Silverstone. O/B. Dark eyes giving a soft expression and well defined stop. Pleasing shoulder angulation. Good bend of stifle and level top-line. Moved with drive. 
2. Young’s Wansleydale Ace of Hearts over Ingella. O/B. Good front and reach of neck. Correct bend of stifle. Preferred the movement of winner. 
3. Watkins’ and Phillips’ Bumblecorn Winter Ice at Glenmaurangi.

Veteran D (4)
1. Stephenson’s Wistaston Starting School at Steeplow. O/B.  Good masculine head with well defined stop and dark eyes.  Low set ears.  In good coat. Moved well. 
2. Dykes’ and McCrindle’s Sh.Ch. Caleydene Travelling Man. O/B. Good outline and front. Good reach of neck. Well bent stifle. Winner displayed more drive. 
3. Jolley’s Sh. Ch. Wansleydale Loganberry at Jolymore.

YD   (2)
1. Loynd’s Crimbledale Sea The Skies. B/B.   Nice head with dark oval eyes and low set ears. Good reach of neck and level top-line. Moved well. 
2. Pearson’s Bradstar Total Eclipse at Yessandi. O/B. Pleasing masculine head and expression. Good level top-line and bend of stifle. Moved with purpose. 

MD   (4.3)
1. Jenning’s Canteris Cool For Catz. B/B. Pleasing outline. Good bend of stifle. Short coupled. Moved well with slashing tail movement.

ND (4.2)   
1. Sharples’ Kanietter Silverstone. (1st JD)
2. Mellish’s Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec. B/B. Nice head with well defined stop. Good shoulders and top-line. Preferred the movement of 1.

UGD   (2)
1. Pearson’s Bradstar Total Eclipse at Yessandi. (2nd YD) 
2. Parrish’s Tawnymeade Tumbling Dice. B/B.  Well boned.  Good shoulders and stifle.  Lacked the drive of 1 on the move.      

GD (2)
1. Martin’s Quensha Cast No Shadow over Sunhouse. Tri.  I liked his masculine head and low set ears. Nice outline.  Well boned dog with good front and feet. Well back shoulders with a good reach of neck.  Moved well with good tail action.
2. Montell’s and Harris’ Culverwell Front Page Story. Tri. Nice dark oval eyes and low set ears. Level top-line. In good coat. Preferred the movement of 1.

PGD (3)
1. Mellish’s Walshaw Blinded By Love For Monbrec. B/B. Good outline.  Correct shoulders and good reach of neck. Short coupled. Attractive masculine head. Moved well. 
2. Coles’ Sorbus Storm Ryder. O/B. Nice head with low set ears. Well bodied. Good level top-line and bend of stifle. In good coat. Preferred he movement of 1.  
3. Jolley’s Anlory Burano via Jolymore.

MLD (4.1)
1. Wales’ and Bailey’s Wansleydale King’s Magic. O/B. Lovely outline and masculine head. Well defined stop and low set ears. Good shoulders and reach of neck. Good bend of stifle. Moved with drive. In great coat. Quality dog, splitting hairs between him and CC winner. RCC. 
2. Fisher’s Beechanger Dusty Miller. O/B. Lean masculine head. Level top-line. Good bend of stifle.  In good coat. Unlucky to meet 1 on such good form.

LD (7)
1. Wilson’s Abiwrose Blue Musketeer. B/B. Good masculine head with low set ears. Short coupled with excellent shoulder placement, reach of neck and turn of stifle. Balanced body presenting a good outline. Moved freely both ways. 
2. Weller’s Hannahdene Danny Boy With Juldeane. O/B. Striking dog nice head and outline. Moved with drive. Preferred shoulders of 1.  
3. Mellish’s Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec.

OD (6.1)
1. Kelly’s Sh.Ch. Richecca Shades OF Grey. Tri. Attractive appearance in outline.  Nice masculine head with low set ears. Short coupled. Strong bone. Good spring of rib. Well laid back shoulders. In excellent coat and well presented.  Moved freely with correct tail carriage. CC. 
2. Dennis’ Mariglen Audi. Tri. Good masculine head with a well defined stop. Well ribbed up. Correct level top-line. Moved well and freely with correct tail movement. Preferred the overall picture of 1.  
3. Marsden’s Sh. Ch. Upperwood In the Grove.

SBD (2)
1. Wilson’s Abiwrose Blue Musteteer. (1st LD). 
2. Mellish’s Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec. B/B. Attractive head with defined stop. Correct level top-line.  Short coupled. In good coat.  Preferred the movement of 1.

My co-judge Mrs Jenny Day and I agreed on the following:
BIS – Dennis’ and Roffey’s Sh. Ch. Mariglen Xanthe. B.
BOS and RBIS – Kell’s Sh. Ch. Richecca Shades Of Grey. D.
BPIS – Weller’s Ravensett Giselle At Juledeane. B.
RBPIS – Baker’s Pewterspeare Pearl Dragon Of Ridleywood. D.
BVIS – Lawson’s Sh. Ch. Mariglen Ice Crystal. B.

Judge – Gerry Morroll

Judges Critique - Bitches

I would like to thank the NESS Committee for my appointment and their hospitality, also and especially my two stewards who helped to make my day so enjoyable.


  1. Weller’s Ravensett Giselle at Juledeane - What a super puppy, Very pretty head with dark eyes of correct shape, giving her that gentle expression we look for. Well balanced with good shoulder placement, deep chest and good spring of rib. Well angulated and good width of stifle. Moved very well for one so young, keeping a level top line. Neat round feet and good bone. Loved her, wish she was mine. BPIS.

  2. Dennis’s Mariglen Night and Day - Pretty headed tri who gave her handler a hard time. Nice type with good neck and shoulders, good length of upper arm. She moved soundly once she settled with good extension and drive

  3. Tucker’s Niddbeck Smokey Opal at Walshaw.


  1. Weller’s Ravensett Giselle at Juledeane

  2. Leather’s Pewterspear Pimms - Pretty light blue, shown in good coat. Short coupled with good bend of stifle, well set on tail which she used well on the move. Neat little feet. Moved round the ring soundly.

  3. Graham’s Niddbeck Blue Diamond


  1. Dennis’s Natterset  Sonata Arctica - Blue of good type and quality. Super head and dark eye, gentle expression. Long neck, well angulated front with well tucked in elbows. Good spring and depth of rib. Level topline and well set on tail. Shown in super coat and condition. Moved sound and true.

  2. Young’s Wansleydale Silver Ribbon over Ingella - Tri with sweet, super feminine head. Short coupled, presented a balanced picture. Well angulated, good bone and neat round feet. Good topline and tail set, sound mover.

  3. Ridsdill’s Tattersett Burnt Sugar


  1. Lawson’s Sh.Ch. Mariglen Ice Crystal (7 yrs. 6 Months) - Quality Blue in full coat. Presents a classic outline. Elegent head and neck, very dark eye with gentle expression. Long neck, well laid back shoulders, firm topline. Moved freely and soundly round the ring.

  2. Wilson’s Ravensett Blue Silk - This girl is 10 yrs. 3 months old and she still has a lovely head and melting expression in her dark eyes. She moved very well with a waggy tail which is short and well set on.

  3. Saville’s Hannadene Little Dreamer of Brysett.


  1. Loynd’s Crimbledale Sea Stars - Orange of good confirmation. Sweet head, good front, nicely angulated, short level back and very nice tail set. Moved very well with plenty of drive.

  2. Williamson’s Hawklawn Kaleidoscope - Tri Similar remarks as 1, but not quite so clean over shoulders, but still a very nice girl. Super tail set with and top line. Moved well.

  3. Ridsdill’s Tattersett Burnt Sugar


  1. Ridsdill’s Tattersett Burnt Sugar - Third in a nice junior class. Good head, nice dark eye but a bit round. Deep brisket and well sprung rib. Moved a bit close behind today.


  1. Dennis’s Natterset Sonata Arctica


  1. Schoneville’s & Derry’s Balvenie Evita - Unfortunately this very pretty tri was not in the mood to be shown today so it was difficult to assess, however she moved around the ring soundly enough.


  1. Harris’s Shanandi Hollyhock for Konakakela - I liked this pretty blue very much. She has very dark eyes and the sweetest expression. Long neck and good front, nice upper arm, tucked in elbows, good coat altogether a nice bitch. Moved very well with super waggy tail. With maturity she should do very well.

  2. Henry’s Plisdon Flashlight - Orange nicely balanced head of dark eyes of the correct shape. Compact balanced outline. Short coupled with nice short tail straight off her back which she used well on the move.

  3. Harding’s Mariglen Fenella at Cumbersett.


  1. Walker’s Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere - Very typy blue bitch, loved her head and dark eye. Very well constructed. Presented a balanced outline with good angulation. On the move she was true and happy with slashing tail. Personality plus.

  2. Stephenson’s Lakecastle Sakura at Wistaston - Orange showing a clean and classical head. Good shoulder placement and super level topline. Straight front and super cat like feet. Moved well

  3. Wilson’s Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose


  1. Bott, Allan and Morgan’s Quensha Back to the Future - Loved this tri girl, she just oozes bread type and quality. Most lovely head and eye with gentle expression. Short coupled with deep ribs and good forechest. Well angulated and nice round bone, neat feet. Moved with precision and drive. RCC

  2. Williamson’s Balvenie Sheer Surprise - Another very nice tri, good outline good spring and depth of rib, well trucked in elbows. Sweet head moved with drive.

  3. Tucker’s Walshaw Date with Destiny


  1. Dennis and Roffey’s Sh.Ch. Mariglen Xanthe - Elegance with substance. A beautiful head with nice dark oval eyes. Lovely neck shoulders and front assembly. Firm level topline, good length and return of upper arm. Good spring, length and depth of rib. Strong quarters. Beautifully presented in top condition. She strode around the ring with long free strides, her tail wagging all the way a real show girl. BCC and BIS

  2. Mugford’s Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood - Quality orange of good type, deep through the body, well angulated front and back. Very sweet head and eye. Short coupled and well muscled. She moved true and straight with lovely tail action.

  3. Harris’s Shanandi Hollyhock for Konakakela


  1. Wilson’s Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose - Very pretty feminine head, good neck and front, slightly longer cast. Super bend and width of stifle, moved well but carrying her tail up a bit today

    Judge – Jenny Day

Special Classes

Judge - Wendy Johnston (Loonbrae)

I would like to thank the committee for their invitation & everyone who entered their dogs into two special classes held at Northern English Setter Society (NESS) Championship Show, held at Elsecar, on 04/12/16. 

Class A - The Jean Woods Memorial Special Yearling Award (8, 2 absent)

1st - Kanietter Silverstone, 17 month old O/B dog, who was presented in tip top condition, with his beautiful shiny silky coat.  He has a kind gentle expression & masculine head showing plenty of work.  He has good angulated forequarters/hindquarters which were strong & well muscled.  In body he is also short coupled & moved well to win the class.

2nd - Nattaset Sonata Arctica, 16 month old B/B bitch. Very elegant bitch with beautiful lean head, with low ear set & melting expression leading to a long neck, with good angulation fore & aft.  Nice tight well padded feet.  Moved well. Just preferred the shorter coupling of the class winner.

3rd - Quensha Cast No Shadow Over Sunhouse
4th - Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec
5th - Wattlewood Beautiful Noise Over Rubuscott


Class B - The Engsett Memorial Open Award (11, 2 absent)

1st  - Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood, 4 year old O/B bitch, who presents a lovely outline, with an appealing feminine head & good reach of neck.  She has excellent angulation fore & aft, with well sprung ribs, nice tight feet & good tail set.  In movement she was free & graceful which won her a very strong class.

3rd  - Sh. Ch. Caleydene Travelling Man, 9 year old, B/B/T dog, a mature dog who is excellent condition for his age.  He has a clean elegant appearance, has a lovely head/skull, with bright expressive eyes, low ear set & is well ribbed up.  Moved well.

3rd - Balvenie Clandestine
4th - Walshaw Date With Destiny
5th - Sh.Ch. Mariglen Ice Crystal 




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