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Sunday 6th December 2015

NESS Championship Show 6th December 2016

English Setter Bitches

I would like to express my thanks to the Committee of the Northern English Setter Society for inviting me to judge at their Championship show especially my stewards Howard Stubbington and Andy McDowell for keeping the ring running smoothly. I felt my principal winners were excellent  representatives of the breed  and were as close to the breed standard as one could hope for.

MPB 7 (1)

1st  Loynd’s Crimbledale Seaing Stars. 9 month orange bitch with a balanced head with dark eyes good length of neck into laid back shoulders. Good quarters front  rear. Level topline on the move.
2nd  McCabe’s Rachdale Elegance another very nice orange bitch of 7months. Same qualities as above but a little unsettled today. Preferred rear movement of 1.
3rd  Greenwoods Hawklawn Crystal Quartz

PB 4 (2) 

1st McLoughlan’s Arabi Midnight Frost. 11 month old quality blue bitch, I admired the overall balance of this young puppy. Her head was correctly proportioned with correct ear set and dark eye resulting in a pleasing expression.   Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Good forehand and rear quarters allowed her to move well covering the ground effortlessly. Good topline. Pleased to award her best Puppy bitch and in agreement with ChrisBexon, Best Puppy in Show.
2nd  Greenwoods Hawklawn Crystal Quartz. Very nice tri bitch with correct ear set and dark eye.  Long lean neck into well placed shoulders Good topline. Unsettled on the move.

JB 6 (0)
A class of quality and my first 3 placings could have changed places another day.
1st  Spencer’s Sorbus Savannah. A very nice orange bitch excels in overall balance – feminine head with good detail and dark eyes, lean arched neck into well placed shoulders Good quarters front and rear with nice tight feet. Well ribbed up with plenty of heart room and depth of chest.Moved well demonstrating her level topline and tail carriage.
2nd  Grimsdell’s Gillancete Pebbles for Tattersett Another very nice bitch - again balanced throughout. Same attributes as 1 but preferred head of 1
3rd    Kelly’s Richecca Midnight Melody

VB 2 (0)

1st.Watkin’s Valsett Starlite Rosie Moon A larger bitch than 2 but everything is in the right place.
2nd Bryant & Hollis Phensett Silver Moon. Blue bitch dark in eye good rear quarters lost her topline a little but moved well.

YB 3 (0)

1st Hartle’s Hartsett All My Lovin. Balanced orange bitch. Good in head with dark eye. Correct angulation front and rear and well ribbed up. Level topline with correct tail set on the move. Tight feet.
2nd Harding Mariglen Fenella at Cumbersett. Well made tri bitch good in head with long arched neck. Same attributes as 1. Moved well showing level topline.
3rd Trigwell’s Hannahene Penny Lane

MB 3 (1)

1st. Grimsdell’s Gillancete Pebbles for Tattersett
2nd Croft’s Fencefoot Falling Star. Well made blue belton bitch good in head with dark eye. Correct angulation front and rear.Good depth of brisket moved well.

NB 5 (1)

1st. Grimsdell’s Gillancete Pebbles for Tattersett
2nd McLoughlan’s Arabi Midnight Frost
3rd Croft’s Fencefoot Falling Star

U/GB 3 (0)

1st.Schoneville & Derry’s Balvenie Evita. Really nicely made 15 month old tri bitch. Liked her overall balance and outline. Balanced and correctly proportioned head shape, dark eye with pleasing expression. Lean arched neck into well placed shoulders, good front and bend of stifle without exaggeration. Goof spring of rib and depth of  chest to elbows. Moved well keeping her topline and tail carriage on the move.
2nd McLoughlan’s Arabi Midnight Frost
3rd Walker’s Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere

GB 6 (1)

1st.Taylor’s Wansleydale Queen Bee. Well made and balanced blue bitch. Straight front with nice tight feet, lean neck into well placed shoulders, correct angulation front and rear – level topline. Correct construction enabled her to move with drive around the ring.
2nd McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Pearl, Overall balanced orange bitch with similar attributes to1. Preferred movemnt of 1.
3rd Henry’s Pilsdon Flashlight

PGB 5 (0)

1st Stephenson’s Lakecastle Sakura at Wistaston Beautiful orange bitch that I have admired from the ringside. Excellent head – correct in proportion with dark eye and correct ear set. Straight front with tight feet and good bend of stifle. Moved well showing her level topline and good tail carriage.
2nd.Harris’ Gemsett Ultra Violet. Another well balanced bitch standing. Showing qualities that are desired. Similar attributes to 1 moved well.
3rd Seaman’s Mariglen Mercedes

M/LB 2 (0)

1st. Taylor’s Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale. I was taken by this bitch on my first glance around the ring. Although still wearing her summer clothes  her outline was what I was looking for which ticked all the boxes for me. She excelled in overall balance and shape. Good in head with dark eye and right amount of chiselling beneath her eye. Lean arched neck into well placed shoulders. Excelled in Forehand, good rear angulation without exaggeration. Good depth of brisket and well ribbed up. Moved with drive around the ring straight and true. Pleased to give her the Reserve CC. Unfortunate to come up against the CC winner in full coat.
2nd  Bates Valsett Starlite Ruby Blush at Tudorfield. Very nice orange bitch with dark eye. I felt she was a little over trimmed down her neck. Good in front and rear angulation and level topline. Moved well using her tail.

LB 4 (2)

1st. Steans Sorbus the Devil Wears Zara at Bradstar. Well put together, a good honest orange bitch. Balanced in head with dark eye and pleasing expression good front with tight feet. Correct front and rear angulation and level topline and tail set although lifted her tail on the move.
2nd. Leather’s Shelindair Puss in Boots by Pewterspeare. Another nicely made orange bitch with similar attributes to 1. Moved well although carried her tail a little above her topline.

OB 10 (3)
These 3 bitches have been favourites of mine for some time and could have changed places on another day.
All possessed the qualities I was looking for. They were a picture when standing and showed true balance.  Heads were in proportion and true to the breed standard with dark eye and pleasing expression. Lean arched neck into well placed shoulders. Straight in front with good bone and tight arched feet -  correct angulation front and rear with a bend of stifle that showed no exaggeration . All three were well ribbed up with depth of brisket to elbow. The structure of the forehand and rear angulation enabled correct reach and drive that generated effortless and efficient movement going around the ring.

1st Dennis Mariglen Beautiful Dawn, in glorious coat and presented to perfection, she has the most stunning outline and oozed quality.
Pleased to award her Best Bitch
2nd. Grimsdell ShCh Tattersett Frankel,  All of the preamble but not as enthusiastic as 1 on the move.
3rd  Spencer’s ShCh Sorbus Just another Day

Special Beginners Bitch 1 (0)

1st Walker’s Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere. Nice Blue bitch with a dark eye and pleasing expression, lean arched neck. Moved well showing a level topline.

I felt both the Dog CC and Bitch CC were excellent representatives of the Breed and agreed with Chris, co-judge, that the dog had the edge over the Bitch.

Rod Green


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the Special Classes at this well run and friendly show.

Class A, Jean Wood Memorial Special Yearling. 11 (3 abs)
This was a challenging class to judge given such an age range and differing stages of development.
1st Hartle’s, Hartsett All My Lovin. An elegant 20 month old Orange Belton bitch with a very feminine head and dark eyes. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and excellent rear angulation. She has a level top line which she held on the move with a slashing tail action. Stood and presented well by her young handler.
2nd Grimsdell’s, Gillancette Pebbles for Tattersett. An Orange Belton bitch just out of puppy. Attractive head with low set ears and a gentle expression. Good reach of neck and correct angulation. Moved soundly and with drive.

Class B, Engsett Memorial Open. 10 (1 abs)
1st Schoneville & Derry’s, Balvenie Clandestine. Tri dog with a masculine head and correct dark oval eyes. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders and good depth of body. Strong well angulated hind quarters and level tail set. Best mover in the class.
2nd Lawson’s, Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal. A well-constructed Blue Belton bitch with a pretty head and a soft expression. Moved really well with a level top line and correct tail action. A close decision between 1 and 2.

Les Weller

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