Northern English Setter Society

Elsecar Heritage Centre

Championship Show 07/12/14

Judge’s critique for Bitches

As this is my first breed and my first breed championship show, I was greatly looking forward to the day. The committee are efficient, welcoming and my expectations were upheld, thank you a most enjoyable day with quality dogs.
Best in Show, in agreement of my co-judge, Ros Croft, went to the super bitch, who I was told on receiving the CC, made her a SH.CH. On the day, a very worthy champion to add to the long list bearing this affix. Bournehouse Golden Gift ,Mrs P Williams.
In the challenge ,I shortlisted ,the veteran ,this one has such true ,open side action, in glorious coat ,the beautiful open class winner ,who perhaps just lacked the finish and bloom of those awarded the top honours and the, junior ,when I judged this one in the class I thought could be my CC winner ,but ,rightly ,showed her age against the mature ones in the challenge.  
Res Best in Show ,Richecca Shades of Gray Mr & Mrs N Kelley , what a clean typical outline to this grand dog. At 2 ½ , being a male he did not quite have the full maturity of the bitch ,but I totally could see how Ros had found him and he deserved this reward.
Best Puppy in Show, Quensha Back to the Future R Bott, A Callen & A Morgan. A shapely tri, male, with gorgeous typical English head, melting expression, balanced and correctly coupled with abundant coat. Just right for age, can only grow on right now. Best Veteran in Show, Sh Ch Quensha Little Jeanie A Morgan R Bott & Res CC.
Minor Puppy Bitch 8,1. Very pleasing class. 1st Grakar Gucci at Alofran .7 mth, O/B. So feminine and well put together. Sound with appealing head, dark eye, correct stop and strength in foreface. Clean reachy neck from angulated shoulders. Straight front with bone and good feet. Short strong loin, affording perfect topline. Well set lashing tail. Goes with enthusiasm and puts her foot down right.
2nd Lakecastle Kasumi . A strong Tri, who should grow into herself making a very promising adult. Everything fits well; therefore she can use herself to advantage.
3rd Grakar Gigi at Ravensett. Just not as mature in her head, so not the performance of winners, time will change this. A good one.
RES Mariglen Fathom for Maursett
VHC Hartsett All my Love

Puppy Bitch 5,1 1st Grakar Gucci at Alofran .Repeat.
2nd Lakecastle Kasumi. Repeat.  
3rd.Wandsfell Can't Be Me
RES Mariglen Fathom for Maursett

Junior Bitch 10,0 . Quality here, unfortunately bitch in 5th. Place appeared unsound on the last go round so could not be placed.
1st Wetherby Whisper to Wanleydale .Stunning dark Tri, I just loved her ,beautiful head ,clean and balanced ,dark eye with gently outlook, well moulded with no weakness, neck is clean ,muscular with slight arch flowing easily into good lay of shoulder and corresponding upper arm allowing forward reach. Correct spring of rib, short developed loin. Has width of rump, strong hocks giving drive. Lovely order, not far away.
2nd Mariglen Perfect Day for Grakar . 14 mth B/B. What a good sort, strong, feminine, clean and presents a balanced picture, standing and moving. Not always concentrating on the move but could not be denied.
3rd Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose 
RES Benrae Something Beautiful 

Veteran Bitch 2,0
1st Sh Ch Quensha Little Jeanie . 8 years O/B in prime muscular condition. Graceful, skeletally so well constructed that she is a joy on the move. A whisker away from the top spot, but youth just had the edge in the final order. So much verve and quality, today she had to have the res CC in good company.  
2nd Sunsprake Finn's Fantasy with Scratchwood . 12 year O/B. lovely type, she was in good order for her age, with typical head piece and balance throughout. A touch stiffer than winner on the move, but aren’t we all with age!

Yearling Bitch 8,2
1st.Upperwood Goldilocks . OK she may not be fully mature or in full coat, but this is a glorious bitch with her gleaming dark O/B coat. She is so correct with a fabulous head, dark eye and pigmentation, all enhancing the expression. Elegant, correctly coupled, with balanced angles and quality bone. On the move she covers the ground with flair and true foot fall. Her time will come.
2nd Mariglen Mercedes . Fit ,honest B/B, has the finish that the winner lacked. Beautiful moulded head, so typical. True action from balanced outline. Just not quite the devil may care attitude of winner.
3rd Rachdale Sea Pearl
RES Bournehuse Sugar & Spice at Bradstar
VHC Balvenie Gone With The Wind

Maiden Bitch 3,1

1st.Lakecastle Kasumi .Repeat.
2nd Upperwood Unforgettable at Abiwrose . This lovely O/B has the head bone and proportions to appeal, but, frustratingly did not have the aptitude to partake in the proceedings. Whilst the winner really settled and went for it here.

Novice Bitch 1,1

Under Graduate Bitch 4,2

1st Wetherby Whisper to Wanleydale .Repeat.
2nd Balvenie Gone with The Wind . Not as positive, with different handler in yearling class. Here she really presented a beautiful, typical shape and performed so well, making much more of herself. A lovely sound moving bitch, perhaps not just the reach of the winner. 

Graduate Bitch 3,0

1st Kanietter Silver Belles .B/B who out moved her competitors today. Strong yet feminine. Has correct body with well sprung ribs. She has smooth balanced lines, with firm topline to well set tail which she uses to display her confident temperament. Did all asked to win.
2nd Gemsett Ultra Violet. Classic in type and has the strength to exhibit her quality. Very stylish in shape and does not loose this on the move. Just would have liked her to be a little more exuberant, but a grand sort.  
3rd Sorbus the Devil Wears Zara at Bradstar 

Post Graduate Bitch 6,0

1st Quensha Shadows of the Night . This dark tri just covers the ground with ease and correct foot fall, only to be achieved by balance and formation of skeletal. She is fit and muscular, with quality coat. Just needs the time to give her maturity. In time will emulate her dam ,I am sure.
2nd Balvenie Sheer Suprise .Another dark Tri who gives pleasure to view, in stance and movement. Not quite the shoulders of the winner, therefore not quite the reach .However a classic typy fit well covered bitch.
3rd Valsett Starlite Up 'N' Rosie
RES Bournehouse Water Music at Severns
VHC Ravensett Suzannah via Grakar

Mid Limit Bitch 5,0 .What a good class of quality bitches. 

1st Bushbane Celtic Feeling. Striking O/B with gleaming white background, really feminine and shapely. Has elegance a style showing her attributes to advantage. Really asked her clever handler, on the move .A lovely representation of the breed.
2nd Wanslydale Scarlet Ribbon .B/B.  Fell for this one, her head quite stole my heart, reminded me of a bitch we had long ago. As with each from this kennel ,muscular ,fit and balanced .Super type and did nothing wrong ,just felt the orange gave a touch more on the move.
3rd Tattersett Frankel
RES Valsett Starlite Upsy Daisy
VHC Bournehouse Delta Dawn at Haransett 

Limit Bitch 6,2

1st Bournehouse Golden Gift . You know what, in the satisfying line up of bitches, I needed one who could go that step further in looks and action, I found her here. Obviously I know the handler, but had no knowledge of the bitch or her past, and was delighted but not surprised to find this made her up. In gleaming orange and white coat and full bloom, she goes with stylish action that is true and economical, totally at one with handler her tail lashing.  Gorgeous, CC & BOB.
2nd Canteris Careless Whisper. O/B, lots to like here, very pleasing depicting type and balance. Just not the return of upper arm or tail set of winner. She has that attitude which is so appealing on the move, is just right for body and presentation is super .
3rd Sunrush Moonlight Sonata
RES Bournehouse Weaving Dreams at Haransett

Open Bitch 5,3
1st Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe. This quality O/B can be summed up with the word –correct. She is a beauty, has super head with plenty of work, dark expressive eye, can not stand wrong and has precise movement .Expertly and sympathetically handled, just not quite the finish of coat or zest on the move on today’s showing.
2nd Valsett Starlite Rosie Moon. Preferred head balance of winner, that’s personal and still shows type. Well made with flowing lines, fit, stylish. And plenty going for her. Beautiful presentation.

Spec Beg, B. 2 (repeats)

1st. Wilson, Upperwood Unforgettable At Abiwrose. 3rd. in the lovely junior class, a very worthy bitch, has so much type and balance. Beautifully moulded head, well constructed, therefore goes with true footfall. Well covered and muscled, really in my eye on the stance, would just like her to go with a touch more verve.

2nd. Kerr, Fanchon Lawdy Miss Clawdy Taffi.A little plain in head, would like more work and strength to give kinder expression. Decent proportions could have more angulation both ends and needs to spring in ribs. Super gleaming coat. Sensible and holds herself well on the move.

Judge, Patsy Hollings.


Judge’s critique for Stakes classes

Thank you for a lovely entry. I feel that in some cases movement would be freer and outlines better if dogs were moved on a more relaxed lead. The standard calls for ‘free and graceful action……..head held naturally high’ , which was not shown by some exhibits.

Jean Wood Memorial Special Yearling Award (14, 1 abs).

A lovely class of youngsters at very differing stages of maturity

1 Taylor’s Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale
15 month old tri-colour bitch, balanced all through. Elegant head and dark eye, good reach of neck. Well-constructed body with oblique shoulders, correct spring of rib, balanced angles front and rear enabling her to stride out well.  Strong in bone, with well-shaped feet. Not in the best of coat today but her lovely balance and efficient movement gave her the class.
2 Tucker’s Walshaw Date with Destiny
17 month old orange bitch. Another very pretty youngster, lovely dark eyes and expressive face. Excellent in front with good breadth, well ribbed up, low hocks. Did not disappoint on the move, moving with drive. .A little more  maturity will complete the picture
3 Weller’s Hannahdene Danny Boy with Juldeane


Engsett Memorial Open Award (14, 3 abs)

1 Fisher’s Beechanger Dusty Miller
2 and a half year old orange dog. Sizeable dog with great presence, masculine head of correct proportion, good dark eye. Well-balanced in body, good width all through. Broad in stifle. Well muscled up, which contributed to his sound movement. Luxurious coat of correct silky texture.
2 Grimsdell’s Tattersett Frankel
3 and a half year old blue bitch. Very elegant in head, well- constructed body. Enthusiastic on the move, demonstrating strong topline and showing lovely level tail action. True in movement, with lovely tail action on the move. Just lacking in coat today, which would have completed the picture
3 Colton’s Sodalitas High Havoc over Ennydloc

Mrs H Jones



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