Northern English Setter Society

The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park,

Championship Show 08/12/2013

Dogs Critique

I was honoured to have been invited to judge the dogs at this show, especially as the invitation came from my own Committee. A new venue to us, with benching, the set up looked a picture.

In agreement with my co judge we chose for Best in Show the Dog CC winner Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininnis, Reserve Best in Show Sh Ch Upperwood Co Co Chanel for Richecca and Best Puppy in Show Kanietter Silver Belles.


  1. McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Fever

6 months old b/b, good size frame, level topline standing and on the move. Good depth of brisket, pleasing head and expression.

  1. Corfield’s Balvenie Beau Wilkes

6 month tri, good head, level topline and well boned. Not so positive in front as 1.


PD 4

Trigwell’s Hannahdene Rhapsody in Blue

Best PD, good head and expression, straight front and level topline. Good depth of brisket, level tail carriage, well feathered.

  1. Dennis’s Mariglen Audi

Attractive tri in good coat, correct dark eye and expression, not so good in topline as my winner. Longer cast, good mover.

  1. Trigwell’s Hannahdene Danny Boy


JD 11

Strong class led by

  1. Sykes’s Daraquist Barry a Reef

Substantial blue, nicely shaped head with a kind expression, level topline and carried his tail level and correctly RCC

  1. Bryany & Hollis Phenset Blue Max

Good sized blue, well boned, in good coat, attractively marked, stylish mover.

  1. Kelly’s Richecca Shades of Grey


VD 4

  1. Moorhouse’s Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininnis

O/B in stunning coat and condition. How this dog has improved with age! Looking better than ever, lovely head and expression, well balanced, correct topline and tail carriage, best veteran dog, Dog CC and BIS

  1. Wright’s Sh Ch Fishwick Dancing Lad

Well known o/b champion, looked a picture.

  1. Bates’s Tudorfield Blue Lightning


YD 12

  1. Danks Kemish Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran

Dark blue, well balanced, good topline and tail carriage, refined head with good expression, happy mover. To be critical I would like a bit more of him.

  1. Fisher’s Beechanger Dusty Miller

Close up to 1, upstanding orange, well balanced, good size, good head and eye, improving all the time.

  1. Schoneville’s Balvenie Clandestine


MD 3

1. Danks Kemish Scottsway Special Edition Alolfran

O/b, nicely balanced, in good coat and moved well.

  1. Pitts Wandsfell Don’t Quote Me

Nice boy just wish he would carry his head higher on the move.

  1. Price’s Bushbane Celtic Force at Wilmacan


ND 5 (1a)

1. Sykes’s Daraquist Barry a Reef

2.  Danks Kemish Scottsway Special Edition Alolfran

3.Dales’s Upperwood Summertime Blues for Laurelset



  1. Hood’s Balvenie Surprise Edition

Good sized tri, well shaped head, good hindquarters, happy mover

  1. Jarvis’s Balvenie Just a Surprise

Tri, smaller version of my winner, well boned, good topline and tail carriage

  1. Danks Kemish Scottsway Special Edition Alolfran


GD 5

  1. Watts Jotunhiem Limited Edition

Well balanced blue, good hind quarters, moved well with level topline and lashing tail, short coupled, very smart.

  1. Whittington’s Juldeane Excalibur

Tri, well shaped head, excellent coat and condition, level topline, good hind quarters.

3. Marsden’s Upperwood in the Groove



  1. Rumble’s Richecca French Connection

Well build o/b, correct dark eye, stylish, energetic mover, good hind quarters, well presented in good coat.

2. Wilson’s Abiwrose Blue Musketeer

Dark blue, smaller build than winner but well proportioned, close up to winner.


MLD 4 (1a)

1 Hutchinson’s Mariglen Dancing Brave over Monaysbridge

Tri, balanced head, good reach of neck, level topline, deep chest, well off for bone and in good coat, happy mover.

  1. Stephenson’s Wistaston Starting School at Steeplow

Elegant orange, well off for bone, good behind, well presented in full coat.


LD 9 (1a)

Lovely class

  1. Wood’s Swannery Magical Moment

Well balanced dark blue, in good coat and condition, dark eye showing kind expression, short coupled, deep brisket.

  1. Field’s Mariglen Sea the Stars for Fenston

Different type to winner, light tri who catches the eye, good reach of neck, correct tail set straight off his back, stylish mover, two lovely dogs, difficult to separate.

  1. Trigwell’s Hannahdene Status Quo


OD 5 (3a)

  1. Watkins Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth

Medium sized tri, lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, level topline and deep brisket, moved well, a true Champion.

  1. Cole‘s Sorbus Jedi Master

Good headed tri, in good coat, short coupled, different type to one, happy mover.


SBD 2 (1a)

  1. Whittington’s Juldeane Excalibur


Rosemary Davies



Bitches Critique

My general impression is that English Setters are still a beautiful breed and it is sad that numbers are reducing at an alarming rate. I was, however, pleased with such a nice entry of bitches. A number of exhibits were very attractive standing, but, although seemingly having sufficient muscle, they were narrow behind and unable to demonstrate good driving action.

Minor Puppy Bitch(6)(1abs)
1. Colville & McClaughlin’s ARABIN TOP SECRET, typical head and expression, good outline, coat texture, all in this class were a bit loose in movement, which can be expected at this age.
2. Tuck & Curtis’ COULDORAN CONSTELLATION, smaller in type, good head & neck, topline, good muscle for age.

Puppy Bitch(10)(6abs)
1.Sharples’ KANIETTER SILVER BELLES, blue belton, almost 12 months, lovely head, shoulder placement, rib, tight feet, in good coat, sound. Best Puppy in Show.
2. Dennis’ MARIGLEN MERCEDES, another blue with nice body shape, coat, well muscled, needs to tighten movement.

Junior Bitch(8)(2abs)
1. Bird’s MARIGLEN ARGENTA AT CRANSETT, I was really impressed by this youngster, lovely conformation, sweet head, good front, level topline, muscled, moved happily & correctly front & rear.
2 Mugford’s QUENSHA SUMMER NIGHTS AT LYNWOOD, very nice orange belton, true to type, and could have swopped places, needed more coat to complete the picture.

Veteran Bitch(2)
1. Morgan’s MARIGLEN STEALS THE HEART OF MEANDI, nine years old tri, still presenting a lovely outline standing and on the move, good neck and shoulder, good coat & condition.
2. Mitchell & Withey’s SUNSPRAKE FINN’S FANTASY WITH SCRATCHWOOD, orange of substance, good rib, bone, legs & feet, fluent on the move.

Yearling Bitch((7)(1abs)
1. Darley’s BOURNHOUSE WATER MUSIC AT SEVERNSETT, promising young blue belton, finer in type, but all there, balanced throughout, scored in head, best mover, well presented & handled.

Maiden Bitch(6)

Novice Bitch(4)(2abs)
Undergraduate Bitch(3)
1. Montell’s CULVERWELL MISS DEMEANOUR, tricolour, sweet expression, compact, good front, tight feet, sound.
2. Williamson’s BALVENIE SHEER SURPRISE, darker tri, good head & neck, shoulder, good overall shape, needed a bit more coat.

Graduate Bitch(3)
1. Montell’s CULVERWELL CHRISTA BELLE, blue, litter sister to the previous class winner, lighter in type, but super body, coat & condition, well presented & handled.
2. Weller’s JULDEANE MORGAN LE FAY, good head & neck, good muscle, sound mover.

Post Graduate Bitch(6)
1. Grimsdell’s TATTERSETT FRANKEL JW, beautiful blue belton, good substance, lovely all thro’ from head to tail, fluent on the move, well handled and presented.
2. Rumble’s JOTUNHEIM VA VA VOOM, nice head & expression, good rib & muscle, steady, rather than extravagant when moving.

Mid Limit Bitch(5)
1. Wren’s HOLLYGROVE TUMBLE AT BENSOPHIE, orange, good head & neck, good front & feet, steady mover.
2. Bate’s VALSETT STARLITE RUBY BLUSH AT TUDORFIELD, same comments apply and not a lot between them, good condition.
3.Schoneville & Derry’s BALVENIE VEE MARIE.

Limit Bitch(4)(1abs)
1. Spencer’s SORBUS THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, orange, lovely specimen, sweet head, good neck & shoulder, topline, best mover so far with drive,
2. Mitchell & Withey’s SUNSPRAKE SUMMER BREEZE, very nicely balanced orange, well muscled, not quite the fluency when moving.
3. Bryant & Hollis’ PHENSETT SILVER MOON.

Open Bitch(8)(1abs)
These two bitches were of outstanding quality.
1. Kelly’s SH CH UPPERWOOD CO CO CHANEL FOR RICHECCA, orange, beautiful specimen of the breed, sweet expression, good rib and substance, created a lovely picture on the move with driving action. Bitch CC.
2. Littlechild’s SH CH RAVENSETT BLONDIE, similar comments apply, beautiful head and neck, shoulder placement, strong mover and well handled. Res Bitch CC.

Special Beginners Bitch(1)
1. Kerr’s FANCHON LAWDY MISS CLAWDY TAFFI, blue youngster, nice coat & condition, well muscled, well presented & handled.



Memorial Special Classes

I would like to thank all the exhibitors of ‘the special classes’ for there support, enabling others and myself hands on experience with the breed, and accepting my decisions/placings in the spirit of the day.

Jean Woods Special Yearling. 16 (2ab)
1. Kelly’s, Richecca Shades Of Grey. Striking Tri dog of 17mths in full coat, lovely proportioned head with melting expression, dark almond shaped eye, good reach of neck and topline, and when moving away drove off his hocks giving a good rear driving action
2. Darley’s, Bournehouse Water Music At Sevensett, blue bitch in good coat good angulation on profile, feminine proportioned head with a good dark eye, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, used her tail on the move.
3.  Derry & Schoneville, Balvenie Clandestine.

Engsett  Memorial Open Award. 11(1ab)
1. Lawson’s, Mariglen Ice Crystal. Blue bitch fulfilled her potential, super dark eye of correct shape. Well proportioned defined head, foreface and muzzle, nice reach of neck ,well laid shoulders. Topline held on the move with a good side gait, moved well front and aft.
2. Davis, Culverwell Calypso Of Merelycopse. 6 3/4 yr old orange bitch in full bloom, deep chested with good front/rear angulation. Dark eye well defined head, moved well.
3. Watts, Jotunhiem Limited Edition.

Janet Neath




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