NESS Championship Show 2nd December 2012

Sunday 2nd December 2012

Elsecar Heritage Centre Nr Barnsley


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this well run show.

Thank you to all the exhibitors that entered their dogs; the main criticism I have is poor handling there is no point in going on about breed-type or poor shoulders movement etc as this cannot be improved overnight but handling can be improved very quickly.  A good confident handler can make an average dog look special but a poor handler can make an excellent dog look average.  It just takes a little bit of training and a willingness to get the best out of the dog.


Best In Show:  Croft s Fencefoot Fond Memory
Res Best In Show:  Littlechild s Sh Ch Ravensett Blondie
Best Puppy In Show:  Danks-Kemish Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran




Minor Puppy (6)


1st   Danks-Kemish Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran impressive dark blue correct shaped head gentle and expressive dark eyes level topline & correct tailset very strong rear movement needs to settle in front but this will come in time.  Well handled. A very nice puppy. BPIS

2nd   Watkins Valsett Starlite Up ‘N Shine well grown orange with plenty of substance level topline moved soundly head needs to develop and not quite as together as my winner.  One for the future.

3rd   Fishers Beechanger Dusty Miller


Puppy (5)


1st   Danks-Kemish Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran

2nd   Schoneville & Derry s Balvenie Clandestine good sized tri lovely expression with correct dark eyes in lovely coat and condition moved soundly enough but just needed to settle a bit.

3rd   Hoods Balvenie Surprise Edition

Junior (5)


1st   Taylor & Oliver s Wansleydale King of Hearts at Bramstorm an easy winner here correct head soft expression & lovely dark eye level topline in good condition moved soundly with style.

2nd   Jarvis Balvenie Justa Surprise tri dog moved better in this class than in the previous one.  His head needs to mature but I am sure it will moved soundly enough and in good condition.

3rd   Wilsons Abiwrose Blue Musketeer


Veteran (6 2a)


1st   Hammonds Hartsett Paper Skye for Oaktrish 10 year old O/B an absolute credit to his owner he out moved the majority of dogs here today and was in lovely condition.

2nd   Darleys Severnsett Rum ‘N Black tri of almost 8 years old in good coat and condition. kind expression sound mover. Close up to 1. Well handled.

3rd   Bates Tudorfield Blue Lightening


Yearling (5)


1st   Taylor & Oliver s Wansleydale King of Hearts at Bramstorm

2nd   Mottishaws Upperwood Hooray Henry dark blue correct rear angulation moved  really well with drive dark eyes and lovely expression level topline just going through an in between stage but still has quality. Two nice dogs.

3rd   Sketchleys Tattersett That s Rhythm


Maiden (3)


1st   Danks-Kemish Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran

2nd   Jarvis Balvenie Justa Surprise

3rd   Wilsons Abiwrose Blue Musketeer



Novice (2)


1st   Danks-Kemish Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran

2nd   Jarvis Balvenie Justa Surprise


Undergraduate (1)


1st   Tucker & Bryant s Mandysett Can I Get A Witness for Friarsoak tri alone here but he is a quality dog and a favourite of mine.  Correct head and lovely expression dark eyes correct topline and decent shoulders.  Not a big dog but he is balanced.  Once settled he moved soundly. Just needs to gain a little more confidence but he is improving all the time. With more precise handling and a little time this dog should have a decent show career.


Graduate (2)


1st   Hutchinsons Mariglen Dancing Brave tri well up to size but he is balanced and will only improve with age. Good head and kind expression. In good coat and condition. Moved soundly.

2nd   Mortimers Phlerdor Thief of Time blue belton not a big dog moved soundly and in good coat and condition. The trimming was a little harsh around the neck preferred the shoulders of the winner.


Post Graduate (6 1a)


1st   Trigwells Hannahdene Status Quo Tri loved his shape gorgeous head and expression level topline correct shoulders and rear angulation. Lovely coat and condition.  Moved well once he got into his stride considered him for top honours but he occasionally moved wide behind which was a pity. Well handled and presented.

2nd   Ball and Morgans Gemsett I am Legend blue belton a favourite of mine loved his head and expression moved soundly and in good coat unlucky to meet 1.

3rd   Booths Benrae The Entertainer at Whitcroft


Mid Limit (4 2a)


1st   Dykes and McCrindles Caleydene Travelling Man tri honest dog nicely balanced correct level topline and rear angulation okay moved soundly and showed well.

2nd   Parrish Bournehouse Midnight Quest at Tawnymeade o/b another nice boy who moved soundly lovely shape head and correct expression in good coat however carrying too much weight which cost him the class well handled.


Limit (12 3a)

This was a very strong class and some very nice dogs missed out; I have no doubt they could change places another day

1st   Crofts Fencefoot Fond Memory o/b very honest dog lovely head eye and expression correct topline and rear angulation correct front and shoulders.  This dog is very sound he isn t a flashy one but he is so well balanced.  Would like to see him handled to advantage to achieve his full potential. Dog CC and Best In Show.

2nd   Darleys Severnsett Mask of Zorro b/b another very sound dog well balanced level topline correct shape head kind expression in good coat and condition. Well handled.

3rd   Hackings Benrae Royal Variety


Open (9 2)

Another strong class with close decisions needed to be made

1st   Moorhouses Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininnis o/b I have always loved this dog he is so well balanced but above all else so sound.  Correct head eye and expression ample length of neck into well laid back shoulders level topline and correct rear angulation.  To be critical I would like him slightly bigger and his facial markings have faded a little but he could still show the younger lads how to move pleased to award him the Res CC.

2nd   Loakes Sh Ch Goldbirch Guys ‘N Dolls worthy Champion loved his head and expression. Correct topline good front moved soundly just lacking a little bodyweight.

3rd   Fishers Sh Ch Beechanger Wagtail


Special Beginners (2 1a)


1st   Hutchinson s Mariglen Dancing Brave


Judge:  Tereza Watkins





I would like to thank the officers and committee for asking me to judge at this show as it has always been a favourite of mine.  The Committee work very hard to ensure that there is a festive atmosphere and this certainly raises everyone’s spirits at the end of the showing season.

I was very pleased with the entry of bitches that I had and would also like to thank the exhibitors for their support.  My two main concerns were that there were a number of younger bitches who really did lack depth of forechest which is so important in a galloping breed.  Also there are a number of very round eyes with a starey expression, the breed is renowned for its beautiful melting expression so please don’t let lose this from our wonderful breed.

Best in Show with my full agreement with my co-judge was the Dog  Croft’s Sh Ch Fencefoot Fond Memory.   This dog does not always do himself any favours on the stack. however, when he begins to move you can see his true English setter outline and superb ground covering action.  He has precise footfall and you can imagine him working in the field all day.  He has a glorious head piece and is put together very well.

Best Puppy In Show again with my full agreement was the Dog  Danks-Kemish’s Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran a very nicely put together youngster, with masculine head and very sound and steady powerful movement which gave him the edge over the bitch today, I hope he has a bright future.

Minor Puppy (6:3)
1st:Watkin’s  Vasett Starlite Upsy Daisy

Flashy Tri lady with a beautiful head an expression, good reach of neck and well angulated front and rear.  Showing good depth to forechest and ribs well back to a firm loin.  Held topline throughout and moved with drive and purpose, just tending to lift her tail at the moment but this will settle with age.
2nd: Stirk’s Ravensett Suzannah via Grakar

Blue bitch with feminine head and dark eye giving melting expression.  Clean through neck and shoulders and balanced angles both fore and aft.  Level topline and good finish to croup.  Moved with open side gait just needs to settle and tighten in front at this stage but bags of potential.
3rd: Carman’s Upperwood Scribble


Puppy (7:3)
1st:Spencer’s  Sorbus Just Another Day

Orange bitch who takes the eye when she enters the ring.  Of good size and substance and clean in outline with a beautiful head and expression.   God reach of neck and shoulders settling back nicely, required length to upper arm and good depth to forechest.  Ribs well back and firm in loin and quarters.  Good topline, tailset and finish to the croup.   On the move she was a little full of it shall we say, I saw enough to see she was true in action and she certainly did cover the ground well.  Best Puppy Bitch, in the challenge for BPIS she was out to enjoy herself and lost out.  A great character to have in a youngster but just needs a bit more work.
2nd:Darley’s  Bournehouse Water Music

Blue bitch presenting a pleasing outline with a feminine balanced head.  Clean though neck and shoulders, level topline and well set tail.  Balanced angles, good though rib and loin, moving steadily.  Little proud of her tail but this should settle in time.
3rd:Hartle’s  Hartsett Eternal Love

Veteran (7)

What an honour to judge such a class of lovely golden oldies, thank you.
1st: Harris & Dennis’s Sh Ch Bondgate Evening Star over Mariglen

Dark tri who is so full of type and elegance.  Beautiful head and exquisite expression, clean neck and well angulated front, ribs well back and well developed quarters. Standing on super legs and the best of feet.   In lovely condition and full coat, sound on the move but not giving her all in the final challenge and slightly losing her topline at the end of a long day. 
2nd: Johnstons  Farnsett Lady Tara of Loonbrae

Another dark tri who at 11 years did not show her age at all in how she motored around the ring with ease.  Lovely type, a shade overdone in back skull, good neck and shoulders and good rib and firm loin, held topline and lashing tail throughout and her powerful quarters enabled her to drive around the ring with ease.
3rd: Mariglen Steals the Heart of Meandi

Junior (3:1)
1st: Taylors Wandsleydale Scarlet Ribbon

Flashy blue with the cleanest of outlines, pleasing head with soft expression, good reach of neck and good front assembly.  Correct depth of forechest for her age and ribs beginning to spring nicely.  Firm throughout which meant her topline was firm and level, lovely finish to croup and well set tail.  Well bend stifles and developed second thigh giving a driving rear action, positive on the move and I can see her having a bright future.
2nd:Martin’s  Upperwood Scarlet Willow for Sequentia

Orange bitch who again presents a clean outline, slightly longer cast than 1 and needs to firm up in topline a shade.  Feminine head with kind eye and expression. Good neck and shoulders with required return of upper arm, good through rib and loin and developed quarters.  Steady mover with positive action, good legs and feet but her nails could do with a trim.


Yearling (8:2)
1st: Harris’s Mariglen Gift Wrapped

Flashy Tri of correct size and substance, feminine head correctly proportioned and soft melting expression.  Clean through neck and shoulder and well angulated front assembly and straight in front.  Good depth to forechest and ribs well back and sprung.  Firm through loin and lovely finish to croup, quarters well developed and good second thigh.  Very positive on the move with true action when viewed from all angles.  Promising youngster who no doubt will have a bright future.
2nd:Grimsdell’s  Tattersett Frankel

Another cracking bitch who pushed the winner hard.  Clean and elegant in outline and full of type and quality.  Feminine head but preferred the eye of 1.  Super reach of neck and well placed shoulders, correct return of upper arm and depth t forechest.  Ribs well back and firm in loin giving her a topline like a table top.  In full bloom and presented to perfection, handler worked her well to get her moving positively going and coming but she just got a tad excited on the way around the ring.  Another with a bright future I am sure.
3rd: Jennings Canteris Careless Whisper

Novice (3:2)
1st: Martin’s Upperwood Scarlet Willow for Sequentia


Graduate (1)
1st:Cook’s  Pernickety Cover Girl

Flashy Blue with pleasing head but would prefer darker eye.  Firm topline and good finish to croup, well developed quarters and well set on tail.  Well presented and moved happily around the ring.


Post Graduate (10:1)
1st: McKeirnan’s Bushbane Celtic Feeling

Most elegant and stylish of oranges, when she came into the ring she took my eye.  Beautiful head with the softest of expressions, clean reach of neck and good through shoulder and return of upper arm.  Good developed forechest and rib and firm through loin which meant she maintained her topline throughout.  Powerful quarters and good second thigh, once she settled on the move she had a fabulous open side gait that covered the ground.  Not in her best coat today and still young but once fully mature then she will trouble the best.
2nd: Loynd’s Richecca Sea The Stars at Crimbledale

Another lovely bitch who pushed the winner hard, typey blue with lovely balanced head and dark eye giving a classic expression. Good reach of neck, just not as clean over shoulder as 1 as carrying an extra pound or two in weight.  Well angulated front and good through rib and loin, lovely finish to croup and lashing tail.  Quarters well developed and firm and she powered around the ring with ease, again just needing her coat to finish the picture but this did not detract from her qualities.
3rd:McCabe’s Mariglen Nina Fever

Mid Limit (11:4)
1st: Croft’s Fencefoot Forever Friend

Tri who is full of type and is so honest to go over, beautiful head of balance and femininity, dark eye and melting expression.  Clean through neck and shoulder and best of front assemblies, correct depth of forechest and straight front, standing on super legs and feet.  Ribs sprung and well back and in hard condition, quarters developed and powerful giving a driving action.  One of the soundest exhibits here today but not giving her all and sadly threw top honours away in challenge, I would take her home tomorrow!
2nd:Day’s  Mandysett Rumour Has It at Decoverly

Another bitch whom you have to get your hands on to fully appreciate her qualities.  Beautiful head and eye, low set ears and good reach of neck, balanced angles both fore and aft meaning she moved well covering the ground.  Ribs well sprung and back and firm through the loin leading to developed and well bend stifles.  Very sound on the move, I just wanted to light the touch paper to get her going.
3rd:Stirk & Littlechild’s   Ravensett Royal Diamond for Grakar

Limit (8:2)
1st:Taylor’s  Moorbrook Golden Girl of Wansleydale

Dark orange with the most exquisite head, expression and eye that just melt you.  Clean in outline and presenting a picture of balance and style.  Good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders and correct return of upper arm, depth to forechest and well sprung ribs, firm in loin and well bent stifles, firm topline and good finish to croup.  Moved covering the ground with ease and plenty of drive although her handler did move her a little fast and she struggled to maintain pace at times.  Pleased to award her the RCC.
2nd:Grimsdell’s  Tattersett Doctor in Love

Blue bitch of great type and quality, lovely balanced feminine head, would just prefer a slightly darker eye.  Cracking neck and shoulders with good return of upper arm and straight front.  Good depth and spring of rib and firm couplings.  Quarters developed and powerful giving power and drive.  Super topline and tailset, in full coat and beautifully presented, just carrying a tad too much weight and rolling slightly which cost her the class.  True action on the move and paced well in profile to get the best from her.
3rd: Stirks Ravensett Diamond Romance with Graker


1st:Littlechild’s  Sh Ch Ravensett Blondie

Beautiful bitch who certainly is out of the top drawer.  Feminine and elegant throughout with the right amount of substance.  Her head is feminine and elegant with the correct proportions and a most beautiful expressions.  Cleanest of necks and well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm, depth to her forechest and ribs sprung and well back.  Well bent stifles and developed second thigh, lovely finish to the croup and tailset spot on.  In full bloom and presented to perfection, she moved very true and with style to win the class and in the challenge she did not disappoint and did everything to clinch the CC which I had great pleasure in awarding to her.  In the challenge for BOB we felt she had just had enough and didn’t give her all.

2nd: Attwood’s Sh Ch Swannery Finlandia

Well put together orange who is another that you really need to put your hands on to appreciate her fully, handler does not always get the best from her but you can full see her outline on the move where she is very sound and covers the ground well with correct head carriage and lashing tail.  Feminine with substance and with some effort and hard work could easily be pushing for top honours.
3rd: Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety

Judge Richard Bott


Simon Pitts Critique


Two points which struck me; we do seem to have lost the soft melting expression which should be so typical of our breed. Forechest is lacking in many.


Class A The Jean Woods Memorial Yearling Award

11 2ab

1st Fishers Beechanger Dusty Miller 7 months orange. One of the babies of the class but gave nothing away in make and shape. Nicely developed for age. Stands on good legs and feet good length of neck into well set shoulders good depth of chest short coupled. Moved soundly and very together for age with slashing tail. Must have a bright future. Could have taken him home.


2nd Tucker &Bryants Mandyset Can I Get A Witness For Friarsoak.20 Month dark tri lovely type soft expression with dark eye well laid shoulders good spring and depth of chest in good coat and well presented. Carrying too much weight which affected his front action. Very sound behind and went with a lashing tail. Just needs to make more of himself on the stack.

3rd Jennings Canteris Careless Whisper


Class B The Engsett Memorial Award

16 4 ab

1st Lawsons Mariglen Ice Crystal. B/B mature bitch. Soft melting expression long arched neck super angulation both ends . Deep well sprung body firm topline held on the move where she came into her own sound and with slashing tail action she out moved everything here.

2nd Johnsons Farnsett Lady Tara of Loonbrae superb type with an expression to melt the coldest heart correctly made all through which showed in her sound driving action.

3rd Days Mandyset Rumour Has It at Decoverly


Simon Pitts


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